Wednesday, June 17, 2009


One of my Malay friends sent me a sms saying that this is the first time he become close with non-Malay like me. The sms also stated that he trust me more than some of his Malay friends. I don’t know how to reply his message. But bottom in my heart, I feel very happy for that. Same goes to me. Sometimes, Malay friends are better than Chinese friends. I still remember how a Chinese female friend treated me so badly and looked down at me when I first enter UKM. Those never happen to any of my Malay friends. They treat me fairly and do not discriminate or sideline me at all. Moreover, we can also hang out and have a drink together. Race is not a problem. Skin colour is not a barrier. Friendship is about sincerity. Not physical appearance. That is why for me, I hope unity can be achieved among Malaysian without differentiating one another by looking at race, skin colour, religion etc.

Always friends...

Although we have different skin colour...

...Friends are Forever


  1. i'm also one of your female malay friend ryte??
    and we share a lots...thanks 4 being such a wonderful friend to me!! =)

  2. Yes... You are one of them...