Friday, June 26, 2009


I went to Jabatan Perangkaan Pulau Pinang and Pejabat Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Pulau Pinang a few weeks ago to get some details for my thesis. Their photocopy services are really cut throat. In SPR office, it costs me RM 6 to photocopy 12 pieces of documents. 50 CENTS PER PIECE. What a CUT THROAT department is that. In Jabatan Perangkaan, similar case happened. One piece of photocopy costs me 50 cents. But since I photocopy around 27 pieces, the clerk only charged me RM 5. Maybe because the clerk is a girl where as the one in SPR office is a guy. Who knows? Hehe... Charging 20 cents per piece still acceptable although it costs 5 cents or less than that to get it done outside. How is the government going to encourage universities students to do research when they charge so high for a simple minor photocopy services? I only photocopy a portion of it. The rest I use hand-copy. Even thought I brought along the university’s letter that prove that I’m doing research, there is still no discount for that. At the same time, they don’t allow us to borrow the book out. So the only way to get that information is by letting them to cut your throat “voluntarily”. What if I’m doing my master or PhD thesis? Does that mean that I have to spend up to hundreds of Ringgit just for photocopy purposes? Nothing much I can do since both departments are under the jurisdiction of Federal Government because nothing can be done even if I were to do something. If they were to under the administration of State Government, for sure I’ll be going to file in a complaint even until the Chief Minister’s Office.

Pejabat SPR Pulau Pinang
RM 6 for 12 pieces only...

Cheaper than shown... Still ok...

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