Monday, October 31, 2011


Is Hudud Law that bad? Or is it because of General Elections is around the corner, that is why the issue become so controversial and significance. In this issue, we can divide related stakeholders into three components. The first component will be non-Muslim. Basically, non Muslims are the one that not affected by the implementation of Hudud Law. This is because non Muslims are not tied down with Syariah Law. Just like the same case when a Muslim commits adultery with another non Muslim. Only the Muslim will be charged in Syariah Court while the non Muslim will be freed (considering both are not married). So, Hudud Law will be a no difference for non Muslim communities. The second component is the Muslim community that is going for Hudud Law. Without needing to explain further, this group has no problem with the implementation of Hudud Law. The third component is Muslim community who goes against the implementation of Hudud Law in Malaysia. For this group, actually, there is no way other than to accept it. It is true that even the Muslim communities itself, some of them are liberals; some of them are followers of freedom of religion; some of them are free thinkers. Anyhow, the Syariah Law states very clearly that Muslim community in Malaysia must obey Islamic practice and Syariah Law. Just like the same as Muslims must observe fasting during Ramadhan period. If they refuse to do so, they can be charged under Syariah jurisdiction. So, they have no say when it comes to Islamic Law especially when it is stated clearly in Quran.

Anyhow, the main contention of debate should be of this third group. However, the current political scenario has shifted the attention to the first group, which is the furthest link of Hudud Law. In this case, BN is definitely on the upper hand since all the component parties are going against it. But for PR, contradiction stance between DAP and PAS on the issue has put them in a critical position. The issue is parallel the issue of teaching of Mathematics and Science in English. Political merits put ahead of education welfare. So, the politicians should be more mature in debating the issue and weight the pros and cons of the implementation. Debate should focus merely on the suitability of Hudud Law implementation and not be influenced by political merits.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Want it or not, we need to accept the fact that Gerakan has moved to the irrelevancy zone post-2008 General Elections. In history of Malaysia politics, a fallen political party especially a ruling party (such as PPP in Perak and Labour Party in Penang) is hard to revive. The only way is to make a big impact or give the people a ‘wow’ factor before gaining back the support. The possibility of Gerakan to be back on track in Penang is very near to zero. What Gerakan can do now is to sustain an existence appearance in Penang (since significance appearance is almost impossible, existence appearance of around 5 state seats and 2 Parliamentary seats should be viable) for the next 2 to 3 terms. After successfully maintain its existence appearance, only then Gerakan can plan to gain back Penang state ruling rights. In business term, Gerakan needs to carry on their business for no profits for at least 10 years. In order to achieve that, there will only be two way. The first way is for the President, Koh Tsu Koon to change his political path; changing from low politics to high politics. Just like what Chua Soi Lek has done for MCA. He gives up a cabinet post so that he is not bonded with cabinet collective responsibility. He becomes more and more vocal even though the issues that he is trying to champion are going to bring the government a hardship. The second way is to choose a new and young leader, a non-controversial one, even with a non-name figure also will do, to lead the party. His or her main responsibility is to give a fresh look for Gerakan, assuming to reform Gerakan from zero. This will be better than lying on Gerakan’s old image which has been tarnished for tens of years especially in Penang.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I never thought people will view my blog nowadays. I think I did not post any link to my blog. Haha… Really unexpected.