Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My birthday cake

Just like the match. Pang Pua Liap. hehe...

This celebration is 1 day earlier. I should say it is a birthday cum World Cup watching gathering. This time is in Blogger’s Café. Thanks to all who attend. It is so nice to watch Asian team, South Korea together. Never expect girls are so enthusiastic to watch football as well. All also support South Korea. All (including others in the cafe) shouted “GOAL” together when South Korea scored. For me, the feeling is superb nice to watch in a large group. Thanks to, Jon, Ng, Ah Le, Stooi, her sister, Lynda, Yi Ping, May Kee, Soon Chai for celebrating my birthday. Sadly, South Korea gets knocked out in that round. Same goes to Japan today. No more Asian team. Sad… Unexpectedly, I met with Qian Yi in the McD there today too. With Andrew some more. They were not there for football. Just for a yamcha gathering I think. The world is so small. Thanks to Qian Yi for the birthday present…

with guys

with girls
with all

Saturday, June 26, 2010


WAO… It is my 100th post. Not bad to have 3 digits of writings. Anyway, thanks to my junior and her friend for celebrating my birthday. They get number one this year. Hehe… First destination: surely is for FOOD. Hungry already!!! As usual, I don’t really like to choose. So let the two ladies choose it themselves. Hehe… After walking past a few shops, AT LAST, we chose FOOD & TEA HONG KONG RESTAURANT (欢喜地茶餐厅). The food there is quite nice and the price is reasonable as well. Unluckily, I forgot to take pictures of those foods. My lousy phone can’t take picture as well anyway. Sob… We ordered 3 different sets. Each set comprises of main meal, soup, drink and a dessert that I don’t know what to call in English. In Mandarin we call it Gui Lian Gao (龟莲膏). Can say it is a complete set. Like the package. After having our dinner, we proceed for some shopping. I used to accompany girls like my mom and sis in doing their shopping. Wouldn’t really feel that bored for such a short shopping trip. Hehe… Then we turned to our kiddie character. We went into games spot and playing the games there while 2 kids stare at us until the end of our games. Not sure whether they wanted to play the machine as well or they feel it is interesting to smack (just softly press actually. hehe) the buttons on the machine. I think should be the latter. It is an enjoyable and nice outing. Thanks YY aka SY…

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Giving your children rewards is your own prerogative. Let say if a kid score well in his examination, parents can reward them by buying them a computer for example. However, this computer doesn’t means that it belongs to the kids forever. If out of a sudden, the kid’s result drops, the parents can take it back at anytime. Even if the kid’s result maintains, they still can take it back without needing to give a reason because that is their money anyway. Whether the action is rational or not, it is another story. To make the parents more respected by the children or others, they should let their kids know the reason for the forfeit. It is their right to know the reason behind it anyway.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Long time didn’t blog about government policy already. Frankly, I don’t really dully understand what the plan is all about. I just get to slightly understand about it from newspapers, forums, internet etc. I am not really sure whether it is the same as 9th Malaysia Plan or not. The opposition keeps on harping that it is another version of 9th Malaysia Plan. The Government bench keeps on praising the plan. For me, I am alright with the plan theoretically. The main question that often arises in Malaysia’s politics is that; can this plan really be executed? Even in a forum named Editor’s Time (it is a very interesting forum provided you understand Mandarin), Tony Pua, a Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara did concede that the plan looks prefect. However, the implementation might have problems in terms of transparency and fairness. The issue of 30% equity for Bumi is another issue that often being questioned by non-Bumis. Frankly, I am alright with those special privileges. I never intended to question their special privileges. I feel they should have that due to our historical and geographical issues. For example in Perak, no matter how many non-Bumi ADUNs are in the government bench, the post of Menteri Besar must go to Malay. The post of Prime Minister must be held by Malay even though it is not written in our Constitution. I feel this is a kind of mutual understanding. We should not take things that belonged to others even though we have chance to do so. The same goes vice-versa. I am alright with the policy of enrolling 90% of Bumi students into MRSM. However, after this affirmative action has been taken, there should not be a second level of affirmative action anymore especially among MRSM students themselves. Other than the principle of fairness, the ideology behind open market should be learned and practised too since Malaysia is going into a global market competition.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Are humans greedy? I do think so. When we get something, we tend to request for something better. It is exactly the same as a Malay proverb “bagi betis, minta paha”. I don’t know whether I have satisfied with what I get. Getting it is not easy. Lots of people will be happy with it. But I still feel it is not enough for me. Feel a bit dilemma when get to know about that. Happy because I get it. Sad because it is not good enough for me. Aren’t humans greedy?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


YEAH…… At least, my final semester result has come out. I manage to graduate with first class. Finally, my nervous has gone after anxiously waiting for a few weeks. Thank God that I get A- for my thesis. Feel happy for that. Until now, still haven’t really got a job that I am really interested in. Either the job that I want hasn’t called me for interview or the job that I get doesn’t suit me perfectly. I am quite confident of getting a few jobs but those jobs either is not in the field that I want or the salary is below my expectation. Until this moment, I still haven’t totally confirmed whether I should continue with master degree or get a job.