Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My birthday cake

Just like the match. Pang Pua Liap. hehe...

This celebration is 1 day earlier. I should say it is a birthday cum World Cup watching gathering. This time is in Blogger’s CafĂ©. Thanks to all who attend. It is so nice to watch Asian team, South Korea together. Never expect girls are so enthusiastic to watch football as well. All also support South Korea. All (including others in the cafe) shouted “GOAL” together when South Korea scored. For me, the feeling is superb nice to watch in a large group. Thanks to, Jon, Ng, Ah Le, Stooi, her sister, Lynda, Yi Ping, May Kee, Soon Chai for celebrating my birthday. Sadly, South Korea gets knocked out in that round. Same goes to Japan today. No more Asian team. Sad… Unexpectedly, I met with Qian Yi in the McD there today too. With Andrew some more. They were not there for football. Just for a yamcha gathering I think. The world is so small. Thanks to Qian Yi for the birthday present…

with guys

with girls
with all

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