Saturday, September 26, 2009


It is such a nice trip in Malacca although the “tour guide” often gets lost in her own hometown. Hehe... Browse my facebook for more pictures. Lazy to double upload the pictures here again.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN diucapkan kepada semua kenalan-kenalan saya serta kaum muslimin dan muslimat sekalian...

Monday, September 14, 2009


latest line-up for MIC President, Deputy President, and Vice Presidents

Samy Vellu’s influence in MIC is still very strong with the winning of his preferred deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel, vice presidents (Datuk S. Subramaniam, Datuk S.K. Devamany and Datuk M. Saravanan) and 19 of 23 CWC post.

For the Deputy President post, Datuk G. Palanivel garnered 629 votes, won over Datuk S. Subramaniam (former deputy president) who garnered 547 votes while Datuk S. Sothinathan managed to get 280 votes. The question is, if Datuk S. Sothinathan did not contest in this post, will Datuk S. Subramaniam able to win the post? Who will the voters for Datuk S. Sothinathan votes for if he did not contest? Is the 280 votes garnered by Datuk S. Sothinathan a sign of support to him or is a sign of anti-Samy Vellu designed deputy president?

Monday, September 7, 2009


Bagan Pinang's ADUN Azman Mohammad Noor

Ninth by-election is on the way. Negeri Sembilan Bagan Pinang state assemblyman Azman Mohammad Noor passed away on Friday. It will be an interesting by-election compared to by-elections before this since its incumbent is from BN. WHO IS GOING TO WIN IT??? I can’t predict it easily either. More researches have to be done first. If Pakatan Rakyat were to win this by-election, this shows that Pakatan Rakyat’s support and momentum does not stop since the 12th general election. If BN were to win it, it means that BN is still strong in their stronghold no matter what kind of political tsunami has happened.

Anyhow, I still don’t understand why we have so many by-elections this time around. Even after minus the forced by-election, we still had five by-elections (include this one will be six) because of death of MP or assemblyman. Is it because of both BN and PR did not screen their candidates in terms of their health conditions or as PAS leader said before, it is fate and only God can determine it?