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Najib : “My only concern as Barisan chairman is that any action taken by the component party must not affect the overall interest of Barisan”.
Hishammuddin : “We pray and hope that whatever decision made would not break up the party”.
(The Star. 28 August 2009 : N2)

My comment : I predict that Dr. Chua’s political career would not stop here. He has a strong back-up in terms of halting the power of an over-powered leader. An over-powered leader tends to do whatever things that he wants to do including checking the power of another most-powered leader. By having check and balance mechanism (whether is in model of democracy or any other issues), the over-powered leader would not dare to cross too much border as the less powered leader might overcome him in the future. So, the position of the most-powered leader will secure. (Hope that you all can understand this abstract comment)

Five-man MCA Disciplinary Board : “In short, it is safe to conclude that, for the general Malaysians, a public figure is expected to behave like a public figure. He cannot be a public figure and enjoy the luxuries of a private person at the same time, and when he is caught, he will not be allowed to defend and excuse himself by saying that it is my private life”.
(The Star. 28 August 2009 : N3)

My comment : Dr. Chua has done his part by resigning all the posts after the video clip of his sex scandal leaked into the mass. However, he managed to win the party election even after that scandal. So, academically, it is not true that general Malaysians cannot accept it. More proof and analysis have to be shown to support that statement.

Samy Vellu : I will never accept him (Sothinathan) as he has gone against my wishes (by contesting for the number two post).
(The Star. 28 August 2009 : N33)

When it comes to the meaning of election, it is about the people choose a government. It is not about who I want to be in the government. No doubt the right to vote is still prevail, but it is about the professionalism and ethic is the concept of election.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Status quo maintains while PAS won Permatang Pasir by-election. This election is not about the winner. For me, majority counts this time. Mohd Salleh (PAS) garnered with 9,618 votes compared to Rohaizat (BN) who only managed to secure 5,067 votes. This by-election hints that the status quo still maintain. PAS is still strong in their stronghold. Malays are still with PAS (and Pakatan Rakyat).

Sunday, August 23, 2009


It is such a very tremendously superb long post. But it do give a lot of interesting and useful comment.

Quoted from

On Malay Heroes and Traitors
Written by M. Bakri Musa Aug 13, 0911:14am
It is truly beyond belief that the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) of a supposedly civilized nation like Malaysia would see fit to label the leader of its loyal opposition a traitor, as Muhiyyuddin Yassin did recently in referring to Anwar Ibrahim. I expect such infantile name calling and boorish behaviour from the likes of Umno Youth leaders and mainstream media editors, not from a DPM.
Muhiyyuddin has yet to learn that as DPM he is leader of all Malaysians, not just of Umno and Barisan supporters. He has yet to grasp the reality that he is no longer a parochial party politician but now a national leader. This transition to the second highest office in the land, and literally a heartbeat away from being prime minister, appears to be beyond him.
Muhiyyuddin as DPM does not necessarily alarm me except that our recent history has shown that even those less than top class as DPMs do ascend to the highest post in the land. Were he to succeed likewise, it would truly be hard the country. As he has so clearly demonstrated, his character does raise questions about his ability to lead the country.
In calling Anwar a traitor to Malays, and presumably also to Malaysia, Muhiyyuddin is treating the millions of Anwar supporters, Malays and non-Malays alike, also as traitors. In so doing Muhiyyuddin exacerbates the already deepening and increasingly dangerous polarization of Malaysians, especially Malays.
This is no way to further the aspirations of "1Malaysia". With the economy tanking and the escalating health threat from the H1N1 influenza, I would have thought he would have his hands full helping Prime Minister Najib Razak.
More specifically, as Education Minister he has enough on his plate in rescuing our pathetic national schools. As such he would have little time to indulge in such behaviour. As DPM and also the minister in charge of education Muhyyuddin has all the opportunities to prove himself a hero. If Muhiyyuddin truly believes that Anwar is a traitor, and thus a threat to the nation, then he should act on his conviction.
There are enough statutes on the books to deal with traitors. That Muhiyyuddin is satisfied only with name calling reveals certain negative traits of character. Part of A Greater Problem Alas Muhiyyuddin is only part of a much greater problem, and that is the pathetic lack of talent in Umno, and thus the government. As non-Malays still see Umno as representing the Malays, many would not unreasonably conclude that the Malay race itself lacks talent.
Consequently no amount of special privileges, enhanced opportunities, and molly coddling would or could change that reality. That is the scary and destructive assumption. More pertinently, that hurts - deeply. One cannot really fault these non-Malays for their erroneous conclusion.
After all, hardly a day goes by without us hearing something silly coming from these senior Umno leaders. A few days ago there was Information Minister Rais Yatim wanting to censor the Internet.
A few months back there was his predecessor Zainuddin Maidin foaming at the mouth eager to demonstrate his utter stupidity in front of a worldwide Al-Jazeera audience by complaining about those 'traitorous' Hindraf demonstrators and defending the abusive behaviour of the police.
I yearn to hear something sensible emanating from these top Umno leaders. In my earlier book The Malay Dilemma Revisited, I suggested that then Prime Minister Mahathir revamp Umno's top leadership by totally bypassing the next (now the current) generation of leaders as represented by Muhiyyuddin Yassin, Rais Yatim, and Zainuddin Maidin. Mahathir then was (and perhaps still is) the only Umno leader capable of undertaking such a massive transformation of his party.
Had he done that, he would have spared the nation the agony of half a decade of wasted opportunities under Abdullah Badawi, Mahathir's chosen successor. Mahathir is today pathetically reduced to a cranky old man continually bitching on the sidelines. And if I may add, ineffectually too!
Mahathir's recent passionate calls for not abandoning the teaching of science and mathematics in English were essentially ignored by Muhiyyuddin and the Cabinet.
Mahathir's success in bringing down Abdullah was an aberration, contributed greatly by Abdullah's own ineptness. With Najib and Muhyyuddin however, we have a pair of politicians not at all shy in abusing the powers of the state to silence their critics.
The only difference between the two is that Najib is more polished and thus presents a seemingly more sophisticated image, while Muhiyyuddin is the direct opposite. With Muhyyddin set to succeed Najib, and tired characters like Rais Yatim, Hishamuddin and Nazri Aziz permanently ensconced in the Cabinet, the future for Malaysia is bleak. Umno is incapable of self-renewal. The party's upcoming October General Assembly purportedly to revamp its Constitution will not alter anything.
Increasing the number of delegates to select the top leaders, one of the proposed changes, will only result in more sharing the loot.
As they all have the same insatiable appetite for avarice, 'money politics,' Umno's notorious euphemism for corruption, would only expand. There is no reason for Malaysians to remain fatalistic and meekly accept such a fate.
We are a democracy; citizens have the power the change their government, and thus alter the fate of our nation. So come the next election throw them out, the whole lot of them. Once these characters are out of power, watch them resort to ugly name calling.
At least then those tirades would be directed at their fellow Umno leaders. They deserve that, and each other.

Comment by Ahmad Nidzamuddin: Politically DPM is looking for trouble I am afraid. In most by election campaigns from Permatang Pauh to Bukit Gantang, Anwar seldom touch on the DPM.., instead issues of Altantuya and PM were more often mentioned. DPM was not in his target list. The DPM should be thankful for that since if he is in the list, that means trouble since that chap is opening 'his closet exposing all the skeleton'. Thus why declare the war..? Once this starts.. the public is going to know more and more. Knowing the crowd that he can pull I think all 'skeleton' that have been hidden all this while will emerge. When this happen, the public will start thinking.., the pot is calling the kettle black... you know some of the stories I guess..

My comment : In politics, what is correct does not necessary is what you should do. Gaining public support is what a politician should do. PM and DPM are not ordinary leaders. They are leaders who are going to portray the image and direction of the government and country. They should be calm and show their professionalism. Our PM, Najib Razak has shown his ability to fulfil the criteria of a good political leader (a good political leader does not refers to leader who is good in personality but it refers to a leader who knows what should and should not be done in political fields. (Good leaders such as Hitler in German and Shi Huang Ti in China or even George W Bush in America have shown their capability in leading a political institution even there are a lot of critics towards the way they rule their countries). For me, our fifth PM is a good leader with good personality. I respect him for that and also for his effort to combat corruption, upholding democracy, justice etc. But as I said before, a good leader is not the same as a good political leader. In politics, the equation is not correct equal to correct and wrong equal to wrong. It can go the other way. A minister can easily retract their negative remarks but a PM or a DPM can’t. That is why I do respect Muhyiddin when he was a minister as a minister just focus more on working performance, rather than political performance.

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Selamat berpuasa dalam bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang mulia. Saya memohon maaf jugalah dari hujung rambut ke hujung kaki jika ada terbuat silap dan salah. Dedikasi khas kepada rakan, guru, pensyarah, pentadbir dan semua dari

se-program saya, Program Sains Politik, batch saya, seniors dan juniors.
se-pusat, Pusat Pengajian Sejarah, Politik dan Strategi.
se-fakulti, Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan.
se-kolej, Kolej Ibu Zain.
se-universiti, UKM.
se-kelab, UKM English Debate team. Yang ini saya dapat nak list down kot. Harap-harap tak ada yang miss. Sedek, Fea & Ariff, Salwa, Alia, Fikri, Azleena dan Farahin. Yang ter-miss tu sorry la ye. Means that you have to come for more training so that I can remember your names. Hehe…
se-MRSM, MRSM Pasir Salak
se-sekolah, SMK Dato’ Onn Butterworth
bekas jiran tetangga


Rohaizat (left) vs Salleh (right)

---Mask of the Day---

Barisan Nasional

PAS (Pakatan Rakyat)

Nomination for Permatang Pasir by-election has been set on 17 August 2009 while the polling date will be on 25 August. This is the eighth by-election after the general election on 8th March 2008. The first by election is called for Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat after its MP Datuk Seri Wan Azizah binti Wan Ismail resigned from the post. This is followed by Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary seat (passed away), Bukit Selambau Seat seat in Kedah (resigned), Bukit Gantang Parliamentary seat (passed away), Batang Ai State seat in Sarawak (passed away), Penanti State seat in Penang (resigned), Manek Urai State seat in Kelantan (passed away). Including Permatang Pasir by election, there are 5 by elections being called due to the death of its representatives. Another 3 by elections are caused by the resignations of its holders. The question is; why are there so many by-elections? Even after deducted the forced by-elections, we still called for 5 other constitutional by-elections. 5 by-elections in less than 18 months is a very big number.

This time, it will be a better between Rohaizat Othman (BN) and Salleh Man (PAS). For me, this seat is quite obvious that PAS is going to win it. The only question will be; what is the majority this time???

Muhyiddin with BN candidate

Hadi Awang and Lim Guan Eng with PAS candidate

Ahmad Kamrul Ramizu Idris - the failed to contest candidate

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50th POST

Didn’t realise that this is my 50th post. It’s great to get 50 posts done in about 6 months. Hope that I’ll still have the momentum to continue writing blogs. Another thing is that, I hope that I can finish all my 7 ASSIGNMENTS AND 1 THESIS as soon as possible. Haih. University’s life shouldn’t be that way. Full with assignments. haih…

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Found these video clips in Youtube a few days ago. Regardless of which political party he affiliate to, he is still a human. Ignore the fact that he is a politician; it is still about a life. To me, it is a sad tragedy. I used to follow my master to a lot of funeral. Even for someone you don’t know at all, you still have to hold on your tears sometimes. Hope that the truth will reveal sooner. May Beng Hock rest in peace.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Should be my source of reference for my thesis

This video from Youtube is dedicated by our lecturer, En Nadzri who is doing his PhD in Australia. All the best “Dr.” Nadzri. Congratulations for the publication of the book.

-Meaningful for world politics-

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Malacca's Election Map

Speaker Datuk Othman Muhamad managed to calm things down for a while, but things heated up again when Khoo took a swipe at Datuk Lai Meng Tiong (BN – Machap) for using the word “swine flu” in his question to Norpipah.
“Why does the assemblyman from Machap call it swine flu when the World Health Organisation and Health Minister clearly stated that it is to be called H1N1?” he asked.

During the verbal exchange, several Barisan assemblymen taunted Khoo by calling him “YB Pendek” owing to his diminutive stature.
Khoo retorted by calling Lai “YB Gemuk” which drew laughter from the House .

(Quoted from The Star, 5 August 2009)

This is what happened to our politicians. There are more kiddy arguments rather than national issues debate. Undeniably, without these jokes, the proceedings will be boring.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Lau Zhe Wei
No 210, Blok K18D,
Kolej Ibu Zain,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Persatuan Mahasiswa Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 3 OGOS 2009


Dengan sukacitanya perkara di atas dirujuk.

Saya, Lau Zhe Wei, bernombor matriks A 119034 ingin membuat aduan serta memohon penjelasan untuk beberapa perkara berikut.

Perkara pertama adalah mengenai pekeliling rasmi. Adakah pekeliling rasmi telah dikeluarkan untuk melarang semua pelajar daripada meletakkan kereta di tempat letak kereta pelajar? Jika ada, saya memohon supaya mendapatkan satu salinan daripada pekeliling tersebut. Jika tidak, adakah saman yang dikeluarkan oleh Wisma Aman itu sah? Jika saman-saman tersebut tidak sah, perlukah saya membayar denda ke atas saman-saman tersebut? Menurut pemahaman saya, pengumuman di laman web rasmi UKM atau lebih spesifik lagi e-pelajar (epelajar/bul/bil.18062009-29) tidak membezakan antara kakitangan, pelajar dan pelawat.

Perkara kedua adalah mengenai perbezaan layanan antara kakitangan dan pelajar. Mengapakah saman maksimum untuk kakitangan adalah RM 25 manakala saman maksimum untuk pelajar adalah RM 50? Mengapakah berlaku perbezaan sedemikian? Bukankah sepatutnya denda yang dikenakan adalah sama supaya menjadi lebih adil atau kakitangan sepatutnya dikenakan denda yang lebih tinggi daripada pelajar memandangkan kakitangan yang terdiri daripada golongan yang lebih tua perlu menunjukkan teladan yang baik terhadap golongan pelajar yang lebih muda?

Perkara ketiga adalah mengenai peranan dan kedudukan Persatuan Mahasiswa Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PMUKM). Apakah pendirian PMUKM terhadap isu larangan pelajar meletakkan kenderaan di tempat letak kereta pelajar. Sebagai seorang pelajar di UKM yang mengundi dalam Pemilihan Wakil Pelajar, saya memohon supaya dimaklumkan mengenai kedudukan yang diambil oleh wakil pelajar saya. Mengapakah PMUKM tidak mendesak atau mempertahankan supaya status quo yang lebih adil iaitu kesamarataan antara kakitangan dan pelajar dikekalkan?

Perkara keempat, apakah tujuan utama penyamanan dilakukan terhadap kenderaan-kenderaan di kawasan kampus? Daripada pengamatan saya, kereta-kereta pelajar sebenarnya tidak menghalang laluan trafik serta tidak menyebabkan masalah kepada pengguna-pengguna jalanraya yang lain. Sebaliknya, motosikal-motosikal yang diletakkan di laluan masuk ke tempat letak mosikal di hadapan Pusanika pula tidak dikenakan saman walaupun menghalang laluan masuk ke tempat letak motosikal dan menyusahkan pengguna yang lain. Untuk pemilik-pemilik motosikal lain yang terpaksa meletakkan motosikal di bahu jalan (tidak menjejaskan trafik secara serius) pula terpaksa menghadapi risiko dikenakan saman. Oleh itu, saya ingin memohon penjelasan mengapakah pelajar yang meletakkan kereta mereka di tempat letak kereta pelajar dikenakan saman manakala motosikal-motosikal yang menghalang laluan masuk ke tempat letak motosikal dan menghalang kelancaran trafik pula tidak dikenakan saman? Bukankah tujuan saman dikeluarkan untuk mendenda pemilik-pemilik kenderaan yang menghalang trafik tidak dicapai memandangkan kumpulan sasaran yang salah telah disaman.

Saya berharap agar pihak Tuan akan mengambil tindakan selanjutnya mengenai perkara-perkara di atas secepat mungkin supaya masalah-masalah pelajar yang membawa kereta ke kawasan kampus tidak menjadi lebih parah. Saya juga berharap agar Pihak Tuan dapat member maklum balas kepada saya selewat-lewatnya dalam masa 2 minggu supaya perkara ini tidak ditangguhkan lagi. Perhatian daripada pihak Tuan saya dahului dengan ribuan terima kasih.

Yang Benar,

LAU ZHE WEI (017-4718098)
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Accidentally found this video clip from Youtube. Comments from Menteri Besar Kelantan, YAB Tuan Guru Dato’ Hj Nik Abd Aziz B. Nik Mat (exact spelling from Kelantan government’s official website) and an ustaz (forget his name).

Nga Kor Ming & Al-Quran

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman

Three term PAS assemblyman for Permatang Pasir, Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman passed away due to heart failure on Friday. The former Penang PAS Commissioner first won the seat in 1999 due to Reformasi struggling and make it a PAS seat ever since then. Before this, it is a BN stronghold. It is the seventh by-election after 2008 General Election and I believe it will be very hard to beat that record in the future.