Monday, June 29, 2009


Accidentally found this video clip in youtube. Very interesting…

For your information, Khairy ia graduated from Oxford University...


It is a fruit cake...

View of the cake...

Surely the cake is mine... hehehe...

My pre-birthday wish comes true. At last my whole family is able to gather together to celebrate my birthday. Although it is just a simple birthday celebration, but I like it a lot. I miss those days when I was small. I still remember by that time, we would not miss out any of our family members’ birthday, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. We would either buy a birthday cake or go out to have a special dinner. By that time, 3 of us were still small. Each of us will fork out RM 20 when it comes to Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or their birthdays. For sure RM 60 is not enough for a great meal. The rest will be paid by my dad. When it comes to any of our siblings birthday, the other two will give the birthday boy/girl RM 10 (times two will be RM 20) as a birthday gift.

22 years old already

Make a wish... May all my wishes come true...

All this simple but meaningful celebration ends when I entered Form 4. I was in MRSM by that time. My elder sister also entered university. So it is a bit hard for all of us to gather together. Now, it becomes worse. One in UKM, one in UTAR and another one might be at home or KL or Kuantan. That’s why I appreciate this year birthday celebration a lot.

As usual...

...cutting the cake

Human wouldn’t appreciate what they have. When they lost it, only then they will appreciate it. Fortunately I still have the chance to celebrate my birthday with all my family members without lacking of anyone. Thanks to Dad, Mom, Sis and Yee for this meaningful birthday celebration. THANKS... LOVE YOU...

My COMPLETE family

Saturday, June 27, 2009

World Cup is the best

Once in every four year, World Cup is the biggest ever football tournament in the world. I still remember how we discussed about World Cup during Mr. Ooi’s class. We discussed about the matches played before and also about the odds for the coming matches. Hehe… World Cup 2006 is the best. I still love World Cup 2006 until today. Hope that you will have the same feeling as me too.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I went to Jabatan Perangkaan Pulau Pinang and Pejabat Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Pulau Pinang a few weeks ago to get some details for my thesis. Their photocopy services are really cut throat. In SPR office, it costs me RM 6 to photocopy 12 pieces of documents. 50 CENTS PER PIECE. What a CUT THROAT department is that. In Jabatan Perangkaan, similar case happened. One piece of photocopy costs me 50 cents. But since I photocopy around 27 pieces, the clerk only charged me RM 5. Maybe because the clerk is a girl where as the one in SPR office is a guy. Who knows? Hehe... Charging 20 cents per piece still acceptable although it costs 5 cents or less than that to get it done outside. How is the government going to encourage universities students to do research when they charge so high for a simple minor photocopy services? I only photocopy a portion of it. The rest I use hand-copy. Even thought I brought along the university’s letter that prove that I’m doing research, there is still no discount for that. At the same time, they don’t allow us to borrow the book out. So the only way to get that information is by letting them to cut your throat “voluntarily”. What if I’m doing my master or PhD thesis? Does that mean that I have to spend up to hundreds of Ringgit just for photocopy purposes? Nothing much I can do since both departments are under the jurisdiction of Federal Government because nothing can be done even if I were to do something. If they were to under the administration of State Government, for sure I’ll be going to file in a complaint even until the Chief Minister’s Office.

Pejabat SPR Pulau Pinang
RM 6 for 12 pieces only...

Cheaper than shown... Still ok...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Manhattan Fish Market

Just that this market doesn't shout "lelong... lelong... 3 sepuluh..."
Last Friday, we celebrated Father’s Day at Manhattan Fish Market. We had an earlier celebration because I’ll be going to Genting Highlands with my form 6 friends on that night itself. Furthermore, it will be a bit crowded if we were to go on Sunday. The most interesting food will be “Flaming Platter”. Have you seen flame on the food before? Have a try…

Sup of the Day


Pasta with garlic bread

Dessert... Forget the name already...

Friday, June 19, 2009


Foreign maids...

1 day off??? IMPOSSIBLE

My lecturer said before that sometimes the government makes a decision merely in Putrajaya without looking at outside world. They don’t really get to the purpose or objectives at the end of the day. It can’t be denied that certain maids are being abused by the employers. But how about maids abuse the kids??? The media seldom publish or sensationalize about that. When we are going to implementing an education policy, we need to get the opinions from teacher, parents and students. When we are going to implement transport policy, we need to get feedback from drivers and road users. It is the same as for this policy. Why the feeling and experiences of the employers are not taken into account? If we were to let maids to have a free day and roaming around, they might be influenced by other bad peoples. Furthermore, these maids might use the opportunity to run away. It is true that we need to care about the welfare of these foreign maids, but this doesn’t mean that we can simply ignore the welfare of the employers. If the government is so worry about these maids being abused, why not make it compulsory for agents to have a meeting with them maybe once in every 6 months or once in every 3 months. They can even make it once in a month. This is the duty of agents since they charge so much on the fees. I believe that this can curb the problems of abuse much better. If that is the case, I don’t see there is any reason for maids to keep their passports themselves. Employers who keep their maids’ passport can be sure that their maids would not run away, their passports would not lost and be reminded to renew whatever visa or working permit. You would not really understand about unlucky employers’ felling who get bad maids unless you experience it yourself.

A maid is abusing a kid...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

Chronology of swear-in ceremony

Nizar's Press Conference

Top Guns had another round of press conference

Perak & Penang = 1 Family

These are the words shouted by Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin after he was sworn in as Member of Parliament for Bukit Gantang. I’m not sure whether this action is acceptable or not but I do agree with what Anwar had commented. Anwar told the reporters that if MP can’t protest in Parliament, where else can they do so. But another question arises. Why Perak DUN matters must be brought to Parliament where both suppose to be 2 different entities. Anyway, I feel that when a person who does a wrong action in Parliament retracts his action upon requested by speaker, he/she should not be punished too harshly. First Class Parliament is about upholding the right of speech and freedom of expression. What is the meaning to elect an MP if the MP can’t voice out the will of the people?





Wednesday, June 17, 2009


One of my Malay friends sent me a sms saying that this is the first time he become close with non-Malay like me. The sms also stated that he trust me more than some of his Malay friends. I don’t know how to reply his message. But bottom in my heart, I feel very happy for that. Same goes to me. Sometimes, Malay friends are better than Chinese friends. I still remember how a Chinese female friend treated me so badly and looked down at me when I first enter UKM. Those never happen to any of my Malay friends. They treat me fairly and do not discriminate or sideline me at all. Moreover, we can also hang out and have a drink together. Race is not a problem. Skin colour is not a barrier. Friendship is about sincerity. Not physical appearance. That is why for me, I hope unity can be achieved among Malaysian without differentiating one another by looking at race, skin colour, religion etc.

Always friends...

Although we have different skin colour...

...Friends are Forever

Zaid Joins PKR

Datuk Mohamad Zaid Ibrahim...
...joined PKR
It is not a surprise for me that Former Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim has joined PKR. For me, he is a person with principle and is willing to give up his ministerial post after a politician, a reporter and a blogger had been detained by ISA. For a person who fights for unity and democracy, politics is the only way to go. Even NGO don’t really have the ability to push for those reforms. Since he had been suspended by UMNO, Pakatan Rakyat is his alternative. Among 3 parties within PR, DAP surely is not his ideal party as the party is generally dominated by Chinese. PAS on the other hand is a Malay-based party (more accurately Islamic religion based party). So, the decision of Zaid to join PKR (a multi-racial party) which is parallel with his struggle to fight for unity and democracy is an expected decision. The question that I can’t figure out is “WHY NOW”???

Former de facto Law Minister

Is that merely an ordinary decision or there might be a hidden agenda behind it???

No matter what, UNITY and DEMOCRACY must come first...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


scenery surrounding that shop...

Lots of Big Fierce Dogs......

On a wooden bridge

This is the shop...

Can you spot my family???

Had an all-fish lunch a few days ago. Located in Sungai Kob, Kedah. The journey took about 45 mins from my house. But the route there is really adventures. Seems like entering a mini-jungle with lots of durian trees around. At one point, you will feel like you are taking the wrong route. You have to be bold enough and confident with yourself to take that route because lack of signboards. We ordered 3 fishes (actually is 2 and a half) and a plate of vegetable (as side dish only). If u were to ask me, I don’t think I’ll go again unless got people drive me there and treat me. Hehehe…..

I think this is "African Fish"...

"Bak Sou Gong"...

Ikan Patin...

Thanks to this uncle for the fishes...

Guess what is he doing!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


There is a Chinese proverb saying “lose in gambling, gain in love’. But for me, it is “lose in gambling, gain in academic”. It has been a superb happy day for me. Tremendously very worry about my result actually because in this semester, there are a lot of difficult subjects. Even Faculty Compulsory subject and both elective subjects (suppose to be easy) are a bit shaky to score solid A. These make me feel quite nervous to check my result online. But thank God, with the spiritual encouragement, I manage to score quite well. Just hope that I can maintain my CPGA for my last year. Left with 2 more semesters to go. GAMBATEH!!!!!



Saturday, June 13, 2009


with them "WHITE HEAD TILL OLD"....

It might be one week ago but still have to thank Wan Ching and her sister for the invitation to the wedding night dinner. Surely Wan Ching is not the bride. If not, something might have goes wrong. Hehe... It is the first time for me to go there with friends. Same goes to Chun Lin and Stooi. Usually we will go to wedding dinner with our family because those who get marry are our relatives. But I think sooner or later, we will attend our friends’ weddings more than our relatives’ weddings.


from left : Stooi, Me, Wan Ching's cousin (sorry. forget your name), Chun Lin (half-face covered),
Nelly (Wan Ching's cousin. hope I spell your name correctly)
and the most important people of the day (BRIDEGROOM & BRIDE)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is my second hairstyle. I went to hair salon twice in a month. It is amazing compared to my life in UKM. Because I didn’t go for a hair cut for 3-4 months. Unfortunately, all my first hair style pictures can’t be recovered. The software in hp got some problem and need to be reformatted. Too bad...

Inside The Car...
...With My New Hairstyle

Before My friend's sister's wedding