Friday, June 19, 2009


Foreign maids...

1 day off??? IMPOSSIBLE

My lecturer said before that sometimes the government makes a decision merely in Putrajaya without looking at outside world. They don’t really get to the purpose or objectives at the end of the day. It can’t be denied that certain maids are being abused by the employers. But how about maids abuse the kids??? The media seldom publish or sensationalize about that. When we are going to implementing an education policy, we need to get the opinions from teacher, parents and students. When we are going to implement transport policy, we need to get feedback from drivers and road users. It is the same as for this policy. Why the feeling and experiences of the employers are not taken into account? If we were to let maids to have a free day and roaming around, they might be influenced by other bad peoples. Furthermore, these maids might use the opportunity to run away. It is true that we need to care about the welfare of these foreign maids, but this doesn’t mean that we can simply ignore the welfare of the employers. If the government is so worry about these maids being abused, why not make it compulsory for agents to have a meeting with them maybe once in every 6 months or once in every 3 months. They can even make it once in a month. This is the duty of agents since they charge so much on the fees. I believe that this can curb the problems of abuse much better. If that is the case, I don’t see there is any reason for maids to keep their passports themselves. Employers who keep their maids’ passport can be sure that their maids would not run away, their passports would not lost and be reminded to renew whatever visa or working permit. You would not really understand about unlucky employers’ felling who get bad maids unless you experience it yourself.

A maid is abusing a kid...

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