Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sometimes, a simple sms can be so meaningful. It is all depends on who send to you and the wordings that he or she uses.

Friday, October 15, 2010


A controversy summit. One of my lecturers said that the summit is wasted as it has only been attended by less than 20 of world First Ladies. Worst still, most of them are from Africa Continent, which is a less develop continent. Furthermore, it isn’t really a cabinet idea of organizing it. If we look at administration policy theory, government governing should come from government of the day as only the government of the day has the right to use tax payers’ money. Others can provide their opinion but is not until a level where the government must be subjected to follow. However, during yesterday Parliament visit, Datuk Shahrir Samad gave a very good rebuttal for that. Does the summit really bring harms? Is it so important to have developed nations’ involvement before we can call it a success? Dr. Mahathir has shown to us that we, developing or non-Western countries can succeed without depending on Western and develop nations. According to Datuk Shahrir, perhaps we can look from another angle. Will it bring harms to Malaysia? If no, why can’t we give it a try? Dr. Mahathir trial on Look to the East policy (even more controversial as it might offend Western and Developed nations) is so successful. If this summit has been attended by Obama’s wife or British’s First Lady, it will be a success then. So, we can say that the issue here is about failing implementation of it, and not because of the summit itself. Anyhow, as realist put it, everybody will do things that will only benefit them. This theory is always true although most of us including myself don’t really like to accept it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


A few Malay Muslim elders give back Appreciation Money to Penang State Government because they worry that the money is coming from sin tax. When the somebody challenge the opposition to give back their monthly allowances as well since that might come from sin tax as well, the reply is that their allowances are coming from government taxation and not sin tax. I am pretty confused about that. Not really sure how the taxation system works. My question is how to differentiate between normal tax and sin tax. Do they have a separate account for sin tax? Can’t we assume that all the money coming from sin tax will be used for non-Muslim? If the Appreciation Money is coming from sin tax, why can’t the assemblymen monthly allowances are coming from sin tax as well? Is it really the types of money that matter or it is merely a political game?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


When told that local government elections were not possible, the group had suggested that Khalid hold a mock local election exercise in the Petaling Jaya City Council area, whereby the top three candidates would be appointed councillors.
(Joceline Tan. Analysis: a wake up call for Anwar. The Star. 6 October 2010)

It is great every time I see my thought being suggested by somebody. Last time is about General Election 2008 that it is due to over-voting of protest votes. This time is about municipal election. Maybe because I am nobody and have no channel to suggest it, all my thoughts seem to be within myself only. What is it so different between real election and mock election since at the end of the day, procedures do not really matter. What matter the most is the reasons behind it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


What is the meaning of family? People say it means
F - Father
A - And
M - Mother
I - I
L - Love
Y – You

Lots of Hong Kong TVB series depict about how family members of a wealthy family fighting among themselves to get benefits such as wealth, family business, attention from their dad etc. These can be found in 溏心风暴,公主嫁到. I don’t think those series did portray the real moral values that being uphold of practice within Chinese community (hope it still exist even though the value is a millennium-old value). What I mean is that Chinese through Confucianism teaches us to put filial as the main value. No matter what, for me, fighting against sibling are wrong, worst still go against our parents.