Monday, July 23, 2012


Very often, my academic ambitions are constrained by lots of problems, from my secondary education until now. Almost guarantee of a scholarship, but might be pulled out due to some unexpected reasons. Haiz… When my education can goes on smoothly???

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This year celebration is interesting. I think this is the year when I received the most number of cakes. One each from my younger sister, Form Six friends, Chinese Studies students and Business and Management students. Just doubt about where is Mass Comm. Anyhow, let the fate be fate. Thanks for those who celebrate my birthday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


At last, I am able to go to office already. I have been on Medical Leave for 3 days (2 consecutive days). Sick badly. Maybe it is because of the weather, badly polluted haze.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am currently looking for freelance job, better still if it is in subtitling, translation etc. Apart from earning some extra money, wish to learn something new too. I wish to try out something that I haven’t tried before.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


When will Malaysia’s 13th General Election be held? Some says June, some says September. Personally, I believe that it should be the second quarter of the year, which is June. However, due to my personal interest, I would prefer it to be in September or even a later date. What is my personal interest? You will know about that when times come. Hahaha……

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yesterday, I attended an interesting and special wedding dinner. Special is in term of the arrangement of the flow. She is my sister’s classmate and also my classmate’s sister. Confuse? Hehe… In the dinner, they had a slot for the bridegroom and groom to have a dance, a romantic one. It is open to all couples as well. Next, it is followed by dance floor, party-kind of dance. AWESOME….. First time experience it in a wedding dinner. It is great. I think I will borrow the idea. For my dinner, I will be having a romantic dance session for couples as well. Then, it will be followed by a session of dance floor. I will make sure that most of them dance. HAHAHA…. Make it an interesting and unforgettable one.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Penang Debate Open 2012 is a tournament organised by UiTM Penang. It has been one year plus since my last debate tournament. It is such an interesting experience here, apart from debating, meeting with my long-time friends too. It is my pleasure to be in the same contingent with them. It is great that I am able to break until quarter final, but the sad thing is that, I think I left my IPhone changer in the campus. Hope that I will be able to find it back tomorrow. Am already broke now, don’t wish to burn my pocket further.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Politik Malaysia sering kali dipraktikkan dalam keadaan percampuran di mana soal politik dan kerajaan disatukan. Di negara-negara demokrasi liberal seperti Amerika, kedua-dua perkara tersebut diasingkan dengan jelas. Presiden sekiranya berkempen untuk dirinya mahupun partinya, sumber kerajaan tidak akan digunakan. Keadaan ini berbeza dengan keadaan di Malaysia di mana jentera kerajaan sering kali digunakan untuk tujuan politik.

Berbalik kepada isu Sharizat, adakah beliau perlu meletakkan jawatan beliau sebagai Ketua Wanita UMNO memandangkan beliau tidak akan melanjutkan tempoh Senator beliau yang turut membawa maksud tidak dapat menjadi Menteri lagi selepas tempoh perkhidmatan senator beliau tamat pada bulan April ini.

Pertama sekali, beliau dilantik sebagai Menteri atas kapasitinya sebagai seorang senator. Ini bermakna pelantikan ke kedua-dua jawatan Senator dan Menteri adalah atas budi bicara Perdana Menteri. Perdana Menteri merupakan satu-satunya sahaja berhak untuk meneruskan atau menghentikan perkhidmatan beliau biarpun dengan mahupun tanpa alasan kukuh untuk menyokong tindakan Perdana Menteri itu. Ini kerana prinsip yang digunakan dalam keadaan sedemikian adalah “budi bicara Perdana Menteri”.

Walaupun begitu, jawatan Ketua Wanita UMNO bukanlah sesuatu jawatan yang dilantik atas budi bicara. Ini merupakan satu jawatan yang dipilih secara demokrasi oleh delegasi-delegasi Wanita UMNO. Tidak kira apa jua keadaan yang berlaku, meskipun beliau disabitkan dengan kesalahan jenayah, beliau tidak patut didesak meletakkan jawatan atas prinsip kemenangan secara demokrasi kecuali Perlembagaan, Undang-undang mahupun peraturan telah menyatakan sebaliknya. Untuk memaksa beliau meletakkan jawatan, adalah lebih molek untuk menafikan sokongan yang diterima oleh beliau ke jawatan Ketua Wanita UMNO dengan membuktikan bahawa undian yang dimenangi oleh beliau semasa pemilihan Ketua Wanita UMNO sudah tidak menyokong beliau lagi. Ini dapat memenuhi prinsip “kemenangan secara demokrasi” sama ada dengan mencadangkan usul mahupun apa-apa cara yang menepati Perlembagaan UMNO.

Ketiga, dalam situasi praktikal sehingga ke hari ini, walaupun banyak desas-desus yang mengaitkan beliau dan suami beliau dengan skandal penyalahgunaan kuasa, namun yang didakwa sehingga ke hari ini hanyalah suami beliau. Oleh yang demikian, sehingga Sharizat belum disabitkan kesalahan oleh mahkamah, beliau masih tidak bersalah atas prinsip “seseorang itu tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan bersalah”. Tambahan pula, kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh pihak ketiga termasuklah ibu bapa, suami isteri, anak, adik-beradik dan sebagainya tidak boleh dijadikan sebagai kayu ukur untuk menentukan kredibiliti seseorang.

Kesimpulannya, sekiranya Perdana Menteri merasakan Sharizat sudah tidak layak untuk memegang jawatan Menteri mahupun Senator, beliau berhak untuk menghentikan perkhidmatan Sharizat kerana pelantikan kedua-dua jawatan tersebut adalah atas budi bicara Perdana Menteri. Namun pada masa yang sama, Sharizat tidak patut didesak untuk meletakkan jawatannya sebagai Ketua Wanita UMNO memandangkan jawatan tersebut adalah dipilih secara demokrasi kecuali kumpulan pendesak berjaya membuktikan bahawa beliau sudah kehilangan sokongan daripada delegasi-delegasi UMNO yang mengundi beliau dalam pilihan raya parti UMNO yang lepas.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Really interested to secure a scholarship to study in abroad. However, it is true that it is not easy to get placement in abroad universities, especially those in the top 100 world-ranked. One more month to go. After that, everything might be finalized.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I never thought of going to Phuket-Krabi Cruise for second time in such a short interval. Promotion though, no choose, have to go. Hahaha….. This time will have more people joining together; relatives from both my dad and mom side. See you again Star Cruise Libra Phuket-Krabi.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was in a kopitiam in Raja Uda watching the debate. After watching the debate, below are my personal comments on that. I divided it into two perspective, political view and academic view.

Politically, both sides did manage to entertain the crowd. They know what the issues that they should focus on are and what are the issues that they should sweep under the carpet. They are also good in creating an imaginary situation that favour to their side. Thumb up for them. For example, Lim keeps on avoiding issue on PAS. Chua argues that DAP itself has already failed in securing abolishment of Sungai Nyoir toll collection. They also argue in terms of economy, which on the surface level rather than feasible framework. Anyhow, both of them generally are able to please the crowd. Personally, from the beginning, I think that Lim is slightly nervous compared to Chua. Not really sure about this thing, but I analyse it from the tiny actions hand signs coming from him.

However, in an academic or university debating level, both speakers do not really answer the crux of the debate. The main point of contention that Lim needs to answer is the relationship of DAP and PAS. He failed to give an assurance that PAS definitely wouldn’t be able to form an Islamic State while maintaining as a member of PR should they won enough Parliamentary seats. At the end of the day, a grand coalition party is not about a component party alone, but rather the cooperation between all component parties. The success of a single or dominant component party can’t help the overall grand coalition to succeed. This can be seen through UMNO in Penang State Assembly.

Same case happened to Chua. It is already well-known that BN and UMNO are corrupted. I will still be using the same dictum that I used to use. Whatever truth does not important, it is the people perspective that matters. Since corruption image has severely attached to BN generally, Chua needs to address the issue well. If can’t, he needs to at least divert the issue to the contribution of MCA and the worthiness of maintaining MCA in power. It is good for him to pose lots of questions and launch attack on DAP, but he also needs to prove why must the people continue to support MCA.

I am just curious about a few issues. Firstly, as generally known by a lot of people if not all, the toll collection is under the jurisdiction of Federal government. The State government has no authority on that. Anyhow, for fence-sitters, can they really accept the legally true fact? This is because like it or not, the toll is in Penang. How to convince people that they are not responsible for that? Or this is an ignorable issue?

Secondly, they touched on economy issue. However, economy issue is not just as surface as they debate. There are a lot of details that hardly can be understood by commoners. For example, why Penang state government can achieve surplus in such a short time? How can a government survive if keep on giving out money and benefits to the people. Are the people interested in this kind of developmental issues or they can be satisfied easily by giving them benefits only, ignoring the capability or economy efficiency of a government?

Anyhow, what I can notice from this debate is that Lim is trying to get to non-Chinese community as well through this debate. No wonder he is so eager for another round of Malay or English debate. His stance is non-controversial, trying to be as multiracial as possible. At the same time, Chua is trying to prove MCA position is local politics. Nothing’s wrong for both leaders. In fact, it is a good stance since DAP has already have strong support from the Chinese community. So it is the time to get to the non-Chinese community. For MCA, non-Chinese community might not be their concern. Definitely, they wouldn’t have chance to explore to non-Chinese majority seats with the fact that they are a Chinese-based political party and secondly, those seats will be grabbed firmly by UMNO.

In a nutshell, I will say that it is indeed a very good political debate. But sadly, the feasibility part is a bit lacking.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Waiting eagerly for the destination cruise. Although I used to go to one-day cruise, or they call it cruise-to-nowhere, but heard that this one is great. Nice food, nice performance, off shore etc. Will take more pictures. Hehe…..

Sunday, January 15, 2012


At last, I have done with my IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. Frankly speaking, I am a bit worry about my result. Not confident with it at all. Hope that I can score at least 6.5 for each element and 7.0 for the overall.