Sunday, April 25, 2010


Almost forget that today is the voting day for Hulu Selangor by election. It is a one to one fight between MIC’s Kamalanathan and PKR’s Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. Both candidates seem to be not the favourite for each party’s supporters. MIC prefers to have its deputy president, Palanivel to contest while Pakatan Rakyat grassroots’ supporters especially PKR prefers to have a local candidate rather than a parachute candidate. I don’t really that focus into this by election analysis due to examinations and thesis. Anyway, personally I predict that BN will win in this by election. My reasons are:

1. Politicking seems to be more serious in PKR rather than MIC. MIC supporters’ objection towards its candidate seems to be less serious than PKR.
2. Hulu Selangor actually is a stronghold for BN although PKR did manage to grab it in 2008 general election.
3. PKR has too many negative issues like its members resign from PKR and join UMNO. Meanwhile, Dato’ Seri Najib seems to be pretty well in handling political and local issues (if we were to ignore statements from his deputy).

Basically, I think that this by election is more to whether which party can do better damage control and has less negative issues should be able to win it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


At last, I have finished all my exams. But still cannot relax yet. Still got thesis to go. Need to make sure that I get at least B+ for my thesis and 2 B+ and 1 A- for my exams to get first class. Hope that I can achieve that. AMITABHA…….

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It is a local production with lots of local stars such as Ah Niu, Angelica Lee Sin Jie, Gary Chaw, Victor Wong and Fish Leong as the main actors/actress. There are also some big names like Nicholas Teo and Penny Tai who appear for less than 10 seconds. The movie has been localized by local culture, dialects, popular locally used words, jokes etc. The movie is quite average on the whole. However, a few scenes are really out of expectation whether it is about the acting or the story line behind. It really create an impact on the feeling of the audiences such as we can feel the family bonding, friendship, love etc and the ability to raise a few question for us to think about (such as why two people who love each other but don’t have the courage to voice it out). On the acting part, I hardly believe in the beginning of the movie that a lady is willing to expose her upper under-garment. It might be common for Hong Kong, European, American etc movies, but I don’t expect it to be in Malaysia production. Even in the movie of Tiger WooHoo, they don’t even have a kissing scene. That is the part where surprised me the most at the beginning of the film. And also the scene where Gary Chaw lays on the grass land and Angelica on top of him (you need to watch it to understand this scene). Plus the kissing scene between Ah Niu and Angelica (for about 5-10 seconds I guess).

Generally for me, it is an average film and I will give a 5 in a range of 1 to 10. I personally feel that the movie is not that excellent wholesomely, but it does manage to show some really excellent and unexpected scene. Localisation of the movie makes it interesting among Malaysian Chinese. The story line is not bad too. However, the quality of this movie still can’t be on the same par as Jack Neo’s movies as those movies really show satisfactory level in the whole movie while in this local production, only the few parts of the movie that carry the whole film onwards. Certain part of the movie is a bit boring too. Anyhow, it is a good attempt and feel quite satisfy with that movie. It is worth to recommend it to the others as well. Good luck and congratulations on this local production...

Monday, April 12, 2010


Exams are coming. Although I only have 3 papers, but thesis really give me a big headache. Finishing thesis shouldn’t b a problem. But to get a good grade for thesis is a big problem. Hope that I can get at least a B+. Anyway, good luck to all for your exam. Add Oil, Gambateh..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Should I continue waiting or should I stop it??? It is not easy for us to have determination to go after our dreams. Very often, dreams do not convert into reality. A particular course might be very good, but that job might not suit us perfectly. It might only suit us moderately. Should we take up that course? By taking up that course, will we waste such a good course that might suit others even better than us? Will we disappoint those who offer that course? Or we should continue waiting for the course that we want, no matter how long we wait. It is a very big dilemma plus time factor also. Isn’t it better if everything is being fixed so that we don’t need to choose or decide?

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Do I really spent that much??? Maybe yes, but can’t help. Used to that kind of lifestyle. Maybe it is the time to change my lifestyle. I am still wondering whether I should continue with my study or straight away start my career. Last time, I was thinking of either continue my study until PhD or straight away start to get a job upon completing first degree. Now I have another idea. Get a scholarship for my master degree. Then enter civil service. After that, secure a scholarship from civil service to continue my PhD and venture into lecturing line. The main problem is where to find a scholarship for my master degree??? It is not easy to get a scholarship for master degree in coursework especially for the field of political science. My friend told me before that we can apply for scholarship after enrolling in master degree. However, this is not secure enough for me. If possible, I want to secure a scholarship or almost have the confidence to secure it before enrolling into master degree. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW??? Studying or working??? STUDYING OR WORKING???