Sunday, April 4, 2010


Do I really spent that much??? Maybe yes, but can’t help. Used to that kind of lifestyle. Maybe it is the time to change my lifestyle. I am still wondering whether I should continue with my study or straight away start my career. Last time, I was thinking of either continue my study until PhD or straight away start to get a job upon completing first degree. Now I have another idea. Get a scholarship for my master degree. Then enter civil service. After that, secure a scholarship from civil service to continue my PhD and venture into lecturing line. The main problem is where to find a scholarship for my master degree??? It is not easy to get a scholarship for master degree in coursework especially for the field of political science. My friend told me before that we can apply for scholarship after enrolling in master degree. However, this is not secure enough for me. If possible, I want to secure a scholarship or almost have the confidence to secure it before enrolling into master degree. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW??? Studying or working??? STUDYING OR WORKING???

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  1. If u really want to continue ur study in master degree, go ahead.
    Dun think too much. As ur results r so good, apply for a scholarship is not a problem.
    Try for it n maybe u r the lucky 1 who get that scholarship.
    GOOD LUCK !!! =)