Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Dead...
... Teoh Beng Hock

Plaza Masalam

Teoh Beng Hock (political secretary to Selangor EXCO Ean Yong Hian Wah) was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam which stationed MACC’s office on the 14th floor. Following that, government has announced that it will form a Royal Commission to look into MACC’s investigation and questioning procedures while an inquest will be formed to investigate into the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Anyhow, what people want is a powerful and neutral investigation body which is a Royal Commission to investigate into Teoh’s death. It is not to say that MACC is wrong or guilty in Teoh’s death. A powerful Royal Commission is able to regain the public’s confidence and restore MACC credibility if the result found out that MACC is innocent. However, members of the Royal Commission is important too since the members’ credibility is proportional to public confidence.

Teoh Beng Hock's Funeral

Teoh's Fiancee @ Wife

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Manek Urai By-election

Although PAS won the Manek Urai by-election, but the slim majority gives everyone a shock. I don’t really expect PAS to win by only 65 votes. Heard from a political science lecturer but I’m not sure how true it is, PAS had initially won with more than 1 000 votes at the beginning. A recount of votes reduces the majority to 300 plus votes. Worse still, third recount reduced the majority to around 80 votes. The official results show a margin of 65 votes after the last recount. All these news are not supported by any authority’s fact, but I do believe that politics is an art of possible.

...The Result...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Manek Urai assemblyman passed away

Kelantan N41 Manek Urai

Previous results

Another by-election is called due to the death of Ismail Yaakob. This time the contenders will be Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat from BN and Mohd Fauzi Abdullah from PAS. Nomination is on 6th July 2009 while 14th July 2009 will be the day for 12,293 voters to cast their ballots. The guessing game for this by-election is quite simple and predictable. PAS will win the by-election. This makes the by-election less interesting.

Barisan Nasional's banner

The candidate with BN top guns

Pakatan Rakyat's leaders with the candidate

Thursday, July 9, 2009


What is love? Is love eternal? If love is infinite, why there are so many married couples divorce? Why there are so many dating couples break up? If love does not last long, then what is the meaning of confessing “I Love You”?

What is the priority for dating partner? One of my friends told me that she will give priority to her family first, her friends second and her boyfriend third. I agree with her but how many boyfriends/girlfriends in this world are willing to be put third, especially after friends. Isn’t boyfriend/girlfriend should understand us more? Putting them in third place doesn’t mean that they are less important. Just that the importance should be placed in heart, and not is words.

What if you had been rejected after you confess yourself? Should you still wait for the person to change his/her mind and accept you or you should find other targets? If you were to wait for him/her, don’t you think that you are wasting your time? Rejection means rejection. Can time change rejection to acceptance? But if you were to find another target, don’t you think that you are not confessing to your true love.

How many true loves can a person have? If a person can have more than one true loves, don’t you think that the “true loves” might not be the “real true love”. But if a person can only has one true love, does it mean that the person has to live with artificial loves for the rest of his/her life if his/her true love rejects him/her?

*Philosophy of Love should be included in the syllabus for Pengantar Falsafah (kursus Wajib Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan), UKM. Hehe...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Article 1 :
KUALA KUBU BARU: About 30 men, naked, some chained up, caged and covered in their faeces and urine – that is the scene inside locked rooms at the Taman Sinar Harapan home here.

Following a public tip-off via an email from London, The Star’s probe team went undercover to the government-run shelter that is tucked away behind the Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital and next to a golf course.

The home has about 200 residents comprising men, women and children, some of whom are mentally disabled and infirmed. What goes on within the four walls is shocking, and visits to individual rooms reveal even more horror – residents, young and old, naked and confined in cages.

Article 2 :
KUALA KUBU BARU: We were hit by the stench of faeces and urine the minute we walked into the men’s block at Taman Sinar Harapan located in a secluded area of the town here.

Mr A, a volunteer from a non-governmental organisation who goes to the home every Sunday to clean and feed the residents, opened the locked door at the back of the block and we were stunned by what greeted us.

About 30 stark naked men were inside the room, either lying down or sitting on the wet marble floor. In one part of the room, we saw a pool of blood, still fresh and red, on the floor.

Half of the men were locked behind bars like animals in a zoo while the others were able to move about in the front portion of the room. Those in the “jail cells” were segregated so that they would not harm their non-violent roommates.

“Those who are accidentally placed inside the cells with the more aggressive residents would be beaten or abused,” the volunteer revealed.

Most of them looked no older than 50 but they were just skin and bones and some looked extremely frail. One resident was lying on his stomach on a wooden bench and had passed motion; we almost gagged at its stench.

Fans were installed inside the room for better ventilation but that was the only luxury the men had. There were no beds, no toilets and not even blankets to keep them warm on cold rainy nights.

Those who were not in the “jail cells” were given beds but without any mattresses or pillows. They were, however, chained to the bed frame with metal chains and a steel lock.

We were told by a volunteer that they were restricted to prevent them from hurting themselves. The volunteer also shared that the men were not given any clothing as they had used their shirts to strangle themselves or the other men in the past.

After a briefing by Mr A, we got down to work. We were put in charge of spreading mats and towels on the floor.

The volunteers were all given different tasks. A group of about six or seven men were in charge of bathing the locked-up residents, the women were in charge of preparing the food and feeding the residents while the rest (there were two children in the volunteer group) were in charge of cleaning up the place and washing their clothes.

The residents were hosed down with water and soap by volunteers dressed in construction boots and a water proof apron.

After that, the male volunteers carried the naked men to the front part of the building for us to towel dry them.

After sensing our discomfort, a female volunteer nearby said: “It’s okay, they’re just like babies, you know, they don’t know anything.”

We proceeded to wipe them dry one by one before we were told to feed them with the yong tau foo bought by one of the volunteers.

The food was mashed to bits and mixed with soup to minimise the need to chew and to make feeding an easier task. so that the residents only needed to swallow them.

As we fed them, some ate obediently while others were greedy and stuffed their hands inside the bowls to take out larger portions of the food.

Some volunteers reprimanded the greedy ones who crawled towards the table to help themselves to more food. We noticed that some of the mentally disabled residents liked to hit themselves repeatedly. When we tried to stop them, they would fight back or just hit their body against the floor.

Mid-way through feeding, some volunteers suddenly rushed over to a young resident whose head was bleeding profusely. We were told that the boy had slipped and fell.

The volunteers immediately dressed him up, put him on a wheelchair and sent him to a hospital nearby.

After mopping the floor, we took a break and noticed that the residents were taken back into their cells to be locked up again.

It was nearly 4pm when everything was done. The residents were all bathed, fed and the place was clean enough.

We asked the volunteers what would happen to the residents on weekdays when the group was not there to offer their help.

“The caretakers don’t do much. There are only two of them while there are 50 residents. If it’s time to feed them, they would just walk one round with a bowl and feed whoever wants to eat. Those who don’t are left alone,” answered a volunteer.

She divulged that another charitable organisation had brought food for the residents but it was thrown away. “When the group asked why they did such a thing, the caretakers said that the residents would create a bigger mess if there was more food because they would defecate more often,” she said.

After the voluntary group had left, we stayed back to check out the other blocks.

The women’s wing looked cleaner and did not smell as bad but a handful of the women were seen walking about in the nude.

The two caretakers stationed at the block were seen watching TV and chatting.

We noticed that the women’s clothes were laid out to dry on a dirty floor caked with fungus. We walked over to the children’s block which seemed to be the best kept part of the home. It was decorated and there were proper beds. But the children were curiously quiet.

A volunteer claimed that the children were fed with cough syrup so that they would be sleepy and docile.

*From The Star, 5th July 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009



WAO… Such a big different between Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen and Blood : The Last Vampire. Taiko, Jerry, Lee Fang and me watched both movies on Thursday and Friday night at Balakong and The Mines respectively. Basically, we don’t really put high hopes that we are able to watch Transformers on Friday night. This is my fourth attempt to watch it. Although I’m not so interested in those kinds of robotic stuffs, but Transformers does attract my attention. At some point, the people in the cinema will “WAO…” and after the show, people will clap for it. First time experience people claps after the show. I heard about it from my mother that 30 years ago, people will clap when the hero like Wong Fei Hong appears on the screen. For those who haven’t watch Transformers, you may either try your luck a few times to buy the tickets or you have to wait for 1 or 2 weeks later so that it would not be that crowded by that time. For Blood, we thought it is a good movie but it actually ends up below our expectation. Fortunately it is not that long. If not, we were to sleep in the cinema. Hehe…



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Friday, July 3, 2009


--- Australasians 2009---

UKM debate team had cancelled the participation to Australasians 2009 which will be held in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia due to H1N1 disease. So, it is a waste as we had paid for all the registration fees and air flight fees. Hope that I still have the chance to go to Australia in the near future. I’m looking forward for Worlds 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey but a bit pessimistic for that due to high cost.