Friday, January 28, 2011


Long time didn’t blog already. A bit busy recently. Running here and there to get my application of extra credit hours to be approved so that I can graduate within 1 year, doing my assignments, paying back my working owe to my boss, applying multiple scholarships and jobs, fulfilling my promises of hanging out etc. But today, a very “interesting security guard” encourage me to blog about this. She told me not to use my handphone in research hall. Not even to sms. Can’t even put it in silent mode. Her reason is, the signboard say so. Letting us to bring in our handphone is already considered as lenient. So, we cannot use it. HAHAHAHA……. She thought the hall is Parliament is it? Even in Parliament, MPs and high-rank officers are allowed to bring in handphone. If not, how to communicate with others. How am I going to communicate with my boss whether she needs the materials I found or not. Not sure whether it is coincidence or not related incidence, a foreigner went out to the front desk and talk (The intonation is polite, so is either he is asking for something or he is just the same as me, complaining in a polite and soft manner). Not sure what they are talking about. But what I can hear from him (the foreigner) is “I use it to online”. And I did see him using his handphone (I heard from the front desk that it is an i-pod) quite often while he is in the hall. Plus he did not bring any laptop. So I suspect he is using it to surf the net. If that is the case, is it means that he cannot use his i-pod as well. VERY VERY FUNNY. The rationale for government offices banning usage of handphone is to avoid distracting others, not to ban it totally. I can understand that calling is prohibited. But should sms, using handphone to surf net, check details or even look at the time be banned to? Very funny guard. Anyhow, I did make a formal query to the head of department asking whether sms using silent mode without distracting others is allowed. Let’s wait for his reply.