Friday, December 30, 2011


At last, I do manage to complete my PhD proposal by the year 2011. I am looking for potential supervisor now. In academic term, I think I should be alright. I believe I am able to cope with the issues. But other aspect, I might not be that successful. Don’t know when I can achieve overall success.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Am busy preparing proposal for my future research thesis. However, am still wondering around what topic I should focus on. What theories should I apply? How to measure the result etc? A lot of things to think about.

Friday, December 2, 2011


At last, I have done with my Viva. I have passed it too. In my Viva, I realised that professionalism is very important. For professionals especially those who are very highly educated, spending more than half of their lives in academic field whether in receiving knowledge or sharing knowledge, these professionals should draw the line clear enough between their personal feelings and their responsibilities.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


是因为上帝想把 1 位单身男与另 1 位单身女串和在一起。
11.11.11 就是上帝特地为单身男女而创造的。

Monday, October 31, 2011


Is Hudud Law that bad? Or is it because of General Elections is around the corner, that is why the issue become so controversial and significance. In this issue, we can divide related stakeholders into three components. The first component will be non-Muslim. Basically, non Muslims are the one that not affected by the implementation of Hudud Law. This is because non Muslims are not tied down with Syariah Law. Just like the same case when a Muslim commits adultery with another non Muslim. Only the Muslim will be charged in Syariah Court while the non Muslim will be freed (considering both are not married). So, Hudud Law will be a no difference for non Muslim communities. The second component is the Muslim community that is going for Hudud Law. Without needing to explain further, this group has no problem with the implementation of Hudud Law. The third component is Muslim community who goes against the implementation of Hudud Law in Malaysia. For this group, actually, there is no way other than to accept it. It is true that even the Muslim communities itself, some of them are liberals; some of them are followers of freedom of religion; some of them are free thinkers. Anyhow, the Syariah Law states very clearly that Muslim community in Malaysia must obey Islamic practice and Syariah Law. Just like the same as Muslims must observe fasting during Ramadhan period. If they refuse to do so, they can be charged under Syariah jurisdiction. So, they have no say when it comes to Islamic Law especially when it is stated clearly in Quran.

Anyhow, the main contention of debate should be of this third group. However, the current political scenario has shifted the attention to the first group, which is the furthest link of Hudud Law. In this case, BN is definitely on the upper hand since all the component parties are going against it. But for PR, contradiction stance between DAP and PAS on the issue has put them in a critical position. The issue is parallel the issue of teaching of Mathematics and Science in English. Political merits put ahead of education welfare. So, the politicians should be more mature in debating the issue and weight the pros and cons of the implementation. Debate should focus merely on the suitability of Hudud Law implementation and not be influenced by political merits.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Want it or not, we need to accept the fact that Gerakan has moved to the irrelevancy zone post-2008 General Elections. In history of Malaysia politics, a fallen political party especially a ruling party (such as PPP in Perak and Labour Party in Penang) is hard to revive. The only way is to make a big impact or give the people a ‘wow’ factor before gaining back the support. The possibility of Gerakan to be back on track in Penang is very near to zero. What Gerakan can do now is to sustain an existence appearance in Penang (since significance appearance is almost impossible, existence appearance of around 5 state seats and 2 Parliamentary seats should be viable) for the next 2 to 3 terms. After successfully maintain its existence appearance, only then Gerakan can plan to gain back Penang state ruling rights. In business term, Gerakan needs to carry on their business for no profits for at least 10 years. In order to achieve that, there will only be two way. The first way is for the President, Koh Tsu Koon to change his political path; changing from low politics to high politics. Just like what Chua Soi Lek has done for MCA. He gives up a cabinet post so that he is not bonded with cabinet collective responsibility. He becomes more and more vocal even though the issues that he is trying to champion are going to bring the government a hardship. The second way is to choose a new and young leader, a non-controversial one, even with a non-name figure also will do, to lead the party. His or her main responsibility is to give a fresh look for Gerakan, assuming to reform Gerakan from zero. This will be better than lying on Gerakan’s old image which has been tarnished for tens of years especially in Penang.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I never thought people will view my blog nowadays. I think I did not post any link to my blog. Haha… Really unexpected.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


On the journey back to Butterworth, my tears keep on dropping. Tried my best to hold on it, but I can’t. The more I think of you, the more counts of tears I lost. Never before I thought you are so important, but since yesterday, spontaneous biological effects tell me so. If not, I wouldn’t keep on wetting my face for a non-family like you. At first, I thought that what I did before you leave is wrong. While on the bus, I believed that what I did to you is right. Rather than giving you a nice farewell and make you have heart feeling of leaving, why not let you “BEH SONG” me so that you can leave with a lighten heart. Let me be the one that suffer everything. Love is not about letting you to suffer together with me. It is about letting you happy and free from burden all the time. I am willing to go through this hard time alone, even though it will mean double hardship without sharing it. All the best to you…

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Very regret of what I have done. Thought of giving u a surprise; that is why I tried to act cool and tried not to concern about you. Thought of giving you a surprise at the final minutes, the final moment before you fly. But these do not materialized. We have the wrong timing. I failed to see you for the last time. I also missed the chance to take personal picture with you during your convocation. All these are due to my fault. Quite regret of what I have done. Shouldn’t I treat you better, let you depart with an open heart? I really don’t know whether what I had done these while are right or wrong. I felt that I had already gone against the will of God. Overcome all obstacles and trying to make a non-feeling person to a feeling person. Should I do it again? Should I believe in destiny, the arrangement of God that does not let us meet together or should I still keep on with the hope? Consider it as a challenge from God and not a fate fixed by God? I really don’t know. Perhaps you can let me know the conclusion.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Currently, I am learning how to multi-task a few things at the same time. Huhu… Challenging.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Very often, my mind keep on roaming, is that what I really want? I don’t know. You can say I am not an eagerly looking upwards person, but sometimes I don’t really feel that I want to be the best among the best. In certain issue, yes, I might want to be the best among the best. But for certain issue, as long as I have satisfied with it, feel that I am sufficient with it, I am alright already. Don’t really think that I want to go up any further. Very often, I am very confused about it. Whether it is common for a person to request something in order to guarantee a better life or it is called materialistic? I have no idea. This is because I don’t really feel like want to satisfy things that other want me to do. I know they want to encourage me to be better, but sometimes that does not necessarily means that that is what I want. People understand me deep enough know that I am not the kind of like to be forced, even though it is for the betterment of myself. I prefer the way to be persuaded. By the way, I shouldn’t use the word force also since nobody is forcing me. Just that very often I feel like I am not good enough to certain people or do not meet their criteria. At the end of the story, I really don’t know whether it is alright for me to tolerate most of the time or I should just be back myself. I really don’t know.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Two more days, I will start my lecture. Not sure how is the students doing, hope everything will be fine. Hope that I can take this chance to self-improve will lecturing the students there.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is my second week working in Han Chiang College. Even though I haven’t started to lecture yet, but still quite busy in preparing the notes. I have to start everything from the beginning. At the same time, need to do my master thesis as well. Huhu…

Monday, July 25, 2011


Six more days to go. After that, I will enter working world. Not as a part-timer anymore. It is a real job. Hope everything will go on smoothly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My intention actually is not to prove that consociationalism does exist ideally as in Malaysia after 1969 riots. It is more to proving of the existence of the spirit of consociationalism. Before that, writers such as Lijphart, McGarry and Leary may agree that Malaysia did practice consociationalism upon independence. However, since the 1969 riots, Malaysia’s politics tends to be one-sided, moving towards dominance since Tun Razak wanted to gain back Malay support. I do agree with that. But since 1999 until 2008, we can see how BA performed well in 1999 GE due to the cooperation between DAP-PAS (including PKN but PKN should be the issue since it is moving towards a multi-racial memberships). Some may argue about the rising of reformation. But in 2004 itself, when DAP and PAS stand within itself, we can see that DAP is hardly gain Malay support and the same goes to PAS. Plus both of them do not take the stance of supporting each other. It is kind of hard for the two parties to say that they are the representative the general public as they are viewed more as a race-based party. When it comes to 2008, especially for non-Malay community, the reason for their lost is lacking of voice within the coalition (eg, UMNO is too arrogant, MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders are too weak in protecting their own community etc). This has resulted a major lost to those non-Malay parties. But for UMNO itself, its achievement is not that deadly bad compared to 2004 GE. Eg, in Penang DUN, UMNO is just lacking of around 3 seats (if I am not mistaken) compared to their 2004 elections. BN main lost is due to the failure of these component parties to find a balance within the coalition. The same goes to PR because in Malaysia politics, finding a balance point that can be accepted by all the races of the society is not easy. Therefore, to continually gaining support from all the races, a formula that can fulfill it is consociationalism. Even though both BN and PR don’t seem to be fully fitted into the theory, but its political actions and directions do show that they are following the spirit of consociationalism.

Personally for me, grand coalition shouldn’t be a big problem within the practice is moving towards a coalition or alliances as long as the political parties managed to show that they can physically (in terms of different races membership) and practically represent a wholesome society. Because even in Holland itself, the coalition government is not the same for every GE. Plus the membership and working alliance/coalition is the same for BN before 1969 riot. So if BN (and now including PR) can be considered as practicing consociational democracy before 1969, why not now, looking at the principle aspect of combining different race-based political parties into a coalition party.

Secondly, I do agree that there isn’t such thing as absolute veto power in Malaysia. If that is true, meaning the legal aspect of veto power shouldn’t exist if we considered Malaysia as a consociational democracy before 1969 as what Lijphart had put forward. However, in terms of practical political actions, we can see how DAP and PAS are not allowed to implement policy that is going against another party policy, eg Islamic State. In this case, we can consider it as a kind of veto power in practice. Plus as we had discussed above, one of the reason of MCA, MIC and Gerakan loss is due to the arrogance of UMNO. This means that over-dominance caused the loss. If veto power does exist within BN, it means that the problem of over-dominance shouldn’t exist as another party can check on the bigger party. I believe this can show the importance of veto power in a multi-racial society in Malaysia.

Thirdly regarding minority authority, it can be linked back to the second ideal of veto power. The same goes to the fourth element of proportionality which is linked back to the grand coalition ideas. Malaysia doesn’t seem to have any major changes in terms of legal aspect as even before 1969, Malaysia did practise Perkara 152, 153 etc. The selection of candidates is plus minus the same as in 1969.

The biggest change is the practicality side of BN political policy (since PR doesn’t exist yet). UMNO seems to be more dominant after 1969 riots, MCA (considered as Chinese society) political power has been reduced (losing of Finance Ministry etc), lacking of an opposition front that can challenge BN in terms of their wholesome racial composition etc. However, 1999-2008 GE has shown the differences of opposition bench and how it affects BN especially their smaller component parties. This means that if we agree with Lijphart stance that Malaysia is a consociational democracy before 1969 riots (if Lijphart stance is not agreed upon, then it will be another debate on consociationalism in Malaysia), then what we need to prove is that whether Malaysia’s consociationalism after 2008 GE can follow the spirit of consociationalism before 1969 riot since Lijphart denied it after 1969 riot. If the importance of consociationalism in Malaysia politics can be proven, meaning Malaysia is moving towards the practice of consociationalism even though is not stated black and white.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I know it is hard to make it happen, but I wish it may come true.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Going to blog in mixed language this time without checking my grammar and spelling etc. Went to Genting two days ago. 2 things happened that make me feel sebak. first is about her. I may have make her angry. infringe her privacy. from what I get from my other friend, not everybody likes it. and not everybody is ok with that kind of jokes when it comes to academic results. On the way to First World Hotel, eyes are getting wet. Very seldom this happened. I only cried for 3 times if I am not mistaken. First was during my aunt's funeral. Second was the time when we talked to her spirit. She still can recognised me. Make me feel so touched. She is so real. Knows about everything. Third time was during my birthday. Maybe last year or 2 years ago birthday, when my whole family celebrated a early birthday for me. Not a grand one, just buy a birthday cake and sang a song for me. Just like what we did when we were young. Never had that kind of birthday celebration with full family members since Form Four. That might be the last time as well. Not sure about the fourth time. Cant remember whether my failure to get a tutorship or some rewards during my master degree counted as fourth time. Back to First World Hotel, thank God that my parents didnt realise about it. During the one night stay there, I lost quite a lot there. Going back to the room and get my bag before proceeding to the bus station, my parents gave me two hundreds. Not wanting the money at first. My principle is, for gambling matter, if you win, spend it like you like; if you lost, shouldn't get or reclaim from anyone even though they win it. I already came out of the room, but my mum rushed to the door, reopened the door and dragged me in. They forcefully asked me to take the money. Felt really touched by it that time. Not about the amount of it, but is about the feeling of it. Came out of the room and felt sebak. Eyes were getting wet again while on the way to the bus station. On the way, suddenly my mind tells me, my parents care about me, they love me, they will do everything for the good of me. They are even willing to sacrifice everything for me. Past incidents came into the mind as well. Am thinking about a question, should I continue to sacrifice for a person that don't really know how to appreciate or I should accept a person who am willing to sacrifice together? But one thing no doubt, family always comes first. Don't ask me whether you (friends, girlfriend or wife) or my family matters the most. My answer will definitely hurts you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


At last, I have finished all my subjects already. No need to take any exams anymore, at least not for master degree. Quite satisfy with the result. Now I am waiting for my thesis to be completed. Then, I can be officially declared as a master holder. Yippee…

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Done with UUM KL campus interview. Don’t know how to describe it. I think should be ok. Hope it is ok. Urgently looking for lecturing jobs.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Going to genting with more than 20 debaters. Have fun.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


A Chinese proverb says, “Break the icy mountain”. I will say, “Melt the icy mountain”. Haha…

Saturday, April 16, 2011


It might be kind of late but I haven’t really looked at the result yet. My personal prediction will be, i) BN is going to maintain their 2/3 majority, most probably between 50-60 seats. ii) DAP is going to increase their number of seats, previously is six.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Have a lots of things to think of. Exams, thesis, assignments and all others. Haiz…

Monday, April 4, 2011



Friday, March 25, 2011


It is not easy to do what we suppose to do. It is easy for us to say give up but it is definitely not easy to do so. The worst thing is when we do not know which direction we should go for. Really hope that someone or the God can gives us direction or helps us to reaffirm our stance.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A few more days to go for Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik Assessment Center. Worry about the jogging part the most. Just had some jogging yesterday, but the whole feet seem to be painful. Hope that everything will be alright. Although I have lots of things to think about especially about my future planning, but I will make sure that I will do my best for the assessment, not to be affected.


I think I can guess the reasons already why you do not allow me to post on your Facebook wall. Maybe one of the reasons is your roommate. The other reason might be people that you do not wish to let them see it. It is true that shy is one of the reasons, but perhaps competitors is the reason as well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This might be a risk, a very high risk, but I did take it. I also don’t know why I like to play risky games. Slow planning might not make the situation so bad, but an aggressive action and pushing further can prove my worthiness. Of course, if failed, will happen just like what it will be. The result is definitely not satisfactory, but I will learn to accept it. Try to adapt it. Just like the lyric in a song; human life will have up and down. I might not be on the lucky side all the time, but I will bless the luckier one.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Haih…. Don’t know can finish or not. Got lots of work to do. Haiz……..

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It is almost one week already. I am still thinking about things that I should not think about. Anyhow, I believe that I should still do my part. Hope that something will change in the future.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is just an academic discussion with no intention to provoke anybody. The question discussed in comparative politics class, is democracy’s capitalism better than communism’s socialism economy or closed market? Generally, in a democratic nation like Malaysia, we will have the connotation that capitalism is a kind of economy that can boast the nation economy while a closed market system will bring the nation’s development to nowhere. The question is, is it true? Statistic has proven that those first world nations are the one who practise capitalism system while those who practise socialism economy states such as North Korea, Myanmar, Cuba, Laos etc (except for China, it is a special case that need another discussion) are less developed. Communism or military regimes in those nations are rigid and not willing to open up their market for free flow. Why? When open market happens, it definitely will bring the nations to a higher level. A simple logic without referring to complicated theories is that, when two parties cooperate, they will get benefits from each other as each of them will have their different personal strength (this premise might have lots of contention, but for the moment in a simple explanation, it works). At the same time, when each of them depends too much on the other, dependency will happen. This means that those are depended on the other will be at the losing end. The advantage party will start to exploit the weaker side. In politics, it usually will be absorbing of democracy model into a non-democratic state. The weaker nation has no choice other than to oblige. That is why a lot of autocratic nations refuse to open up their market. One of my classmates said that even though Vietnam is a non-democratic nation, but their development level is very high. The growth might even far better than Malaysia. However, when we look at the nation democracy level in terms of freedom, human rights etc, they are improving. Their leaders are not that rigid anymore compared to decades back. Ignore the discussion whether it is good or not. The point is their leaders have to liberalise their ruling styles as well. Isn’t it means that open up market means that willingness to liberalise their political circuits as well?

Back to China’s scenario, the reason why China is able to open up their market is because of their ability to control their market. Worst case, they can practise back their closed market ideology without having to suffer much. Furthermore, they do not open up their market totally. There are still a lot of restrictions. The communism leaders will make sure that their political ideology is not badly affected (unless they want something from the West such as Olympic Games, then they will improve their human right track records slightly). Undeniably, China’s economy does improve tremendously after they started to open their market.

In a nutshell, I would say that capitalism system is a high risk high return model. Anyhow, the return chances are generally more than the lost. That is why when a nation liberalise their market, generally their economy will shoot up. However, when an economic crises happens, the one that liberalise their market the most are the one that suffered the most. South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan are examples of it due to high amount of foreign investment. China’s economy is not that badly affected in 97/98 crisis comparatively since the market is domestic-orientated. I am of the opinion that capitalism system will bring a nation economy to a higher ground, but at the same time the nation will have to be bonded by more capitalism conventional regulations plus a high risk of economy collapse if the world economy gets into trouble.

(Those data are from my memory without double-checking the accuracy. Do welcome to correct me if I am wrong).

Sunday, February 13, 2011



Wednesday, February 2, 2011


YEAH……. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, but got so many assignments to be completed. Haiz….. Hope that can finish on time. Really need to bring books

Friday, January 28, 2011


Long time didn’t blog already. A bit busy recently. Running here and there to get my application of extra credit hours to be approved so that I can graduate within 1 year, doing my assignments, paying back my working owe to my boss, applying multiple scholarships and jobs, fulfilling my promises of hanging out etc. But today, a very “interesting security guard” encourage me to blog about this. She told me not to use my handphone in research hall. Not even to sms. Can’t even put it in silent mode. Her reason is, the signboard say so. Letting us to bring in our handphone is already considered as lenient. So, we cannot use it. HAHAHAHA……. She thought the hall is Parliament is it? Even in Parliament, MPs and high-rank officers are allowed to bring in handphone. If not, how to communicate with others. How am I going to communicate with my boss whether she needs the materials I found or not. Not sure whether it is coincidence or not related incidence, a foreigner went out to the front desk and talk (The intonation is polite, so is either he is asking for something or he is just the same as me, complaining in a polite and soft manner). Not sure what they are talking about. But what I can hear from him (the foreigner) is “I use it to online”. And I did see him using his handphone (I heard from the front desk that it is an i-pod) quite often while he is in the hall. Plus he did not bring any laptop. So I suspect he is using it to surf the net. If that is the case, is it means that he cannot use his i-pod as well. VERY VERY FUNNY. The rationale for government offices banning usage of handphone is to avoid distracting others, not to ban it totally. I can understand that calling is prohibited. But should sms, using handphone to surf net, check details or even look at the time be banned to? Very funny guard. Anyhow, I did make a formal query to the head of department asking whether sms using silent mode without distracting others is allowed. Let’s wait for his reply.