Thursday, September 29, 2011


On the journey back to Butterworth, my tears keep on dropping. Tried my best to hold on it, but I can’t. The more I think of you, the more counts of tears I lost. Never before I thought you are so important, but since yesterday, spontaneous biological effects tell me so. If not, I wouldn’t keep on wetting my face for a non-family like you. At first, I thought that what I did before you leave is wrong. While on the bus, I believed that what I did to you is right. Rather than giving you a nice farewell and make you have heart feeling of leaving, why not let you “BEH SONG” me so that you can leave with a lighten heart. Let me be the one that suffer everything. Love is not about letting you to suffer together with me. It is about letting you happy and free from burden all the time. I am willing to go through this hard time alone, even though it will mean double hardship without sharing it. All the best to you…

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