Monday, June 29, 2009


It is a fruit cake...

View of the cake...

Surely the cake is mine... hehehe...

My pre-birthday wish comes true. At last my whole family is able to gather together to celebrate my birthday. Although it is just a simple birthday celebration, but I like it a lot. I miss those days when I was small. I still remember by that time, we would not miss out any of our family members’ birthday, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. We would either buy a birthday cake or go out to have a special dinner. By that time, 3 of us were still small. Each of us will fork out RM 20 when it comes to Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or their birthdays. For sure RM 60 is not enough for a great meal. The rest will be paid by my dad. When it comes to any of our siblings birthday, the other two will give the birthday boy/girl RM 10 (times two will be RM 20) as a birthday gift.

22 years old already

Make a wish... May all my wishes come true...

All this simple but meaningful celebration ends when I entered Form 4. I was in MRSM by that time. My elder sister also entered university. So it is a bit hard for all of us to gather together. Now, it becomes worse. One in UKM, one in UTAR and another one might be at home or KL or Kuantan. That’s why I appreciate this year birthday celebration a lot.

As usual...

...cutting the cake

Human wouldn’t appreciate what they have. When they lost it, only then they will appreciate it. Fortunately I still have the chance to celebrate my birthday with all my family members without lacking of anyone. Thanks to Dad, Mom, Sis and Yee for this meaningful birthday celebration. THANKS... LOVE YOU...

My COMPLETE family


  1. happy birthday my dear fren.... =)

  2. haha.. u r welcome my bro =D

    next year we sure can celebrate ur birthday 2gether with u worries ya =)

    muackz! luv u 2, must take care at there ya..

    youngest sis ^^