Sunday, August 30, 2009


Najib : “My only concern as Barisan chairman is that any action taken by the component party must not affect the overall interest of Barisan”.
Hishammuddin : “We pray and hope that whatever decision made would not break up the party”.
(The Star. 28 August 2009 : N2)

My comment : I predict that Dr. Chua’s political career would not stop here. He has a strong back-up in terms of halting the power of an over-powered leader. An over-powered leader tends to do whatever things that he wants to do including checking the power of another most-powered leader. By having check and balance mechanism (whether is in model of democracy or any other issues), the over-powered leader would not dare to cross too much border as the less powered leader might overcome him in the future. So, the position of the most-powered leader will secure. (Hope that you all can understand this abstract comment)

Five-man MCA Disciplinary Board : “In short, it is safe to conclude that, for the general Malaysians, a public figure is expected to behave like a public figure. He cannot be a public figure and enjoy the luxuries of a private person at the same time, and when he is caught, he will not be allowed to defend and excuse himself by saying that it is my private life”.
(The Star. 28 August 2009 : N3)

My comment : Dr. Chua has done his part by resigning all the posts after the video clip of his sex scandal leaked into the mass. However, he managed to win the party election even after that scandal. So, academically, it is not true that general Malaysians cannot accept it. More proof and analysis have to be shown to support that statement.

Samy Vellu : I will never accept him (Sothinathan) as he has gone against my wishes (by contesting for the number two post).
(The Star. 28 August 2009 : N33)

When it comes to the meaning of election, it is about the people choose a government. It is not about who I want to be in the government. No doubt the right to vote is still prevail, but it is about the professionalism and ethic is the concept of election.

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