Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Malacca's Election Map

Speaker Datuk Othman Muhamad managed to calm things down for a while, but things heated up again when Khoo took a swipe at Datuk Lai Meng Tiong (BN – Machap) for using the word “swine flu” in his question to Norpipah.
“Why does the assemblyman from Machap call it swine flu when the World Health Organisation and Health Minister clearly stated that it is to be called H1N1?” he asked.

During the verbal exchange, several Barisan assemblymen taunted Khoo by calling him “YB Pendek” owing to his diminutive stature.
Khoo retorted by calling Lai “YB Gemuk” which drew laughter from the House .

(Quoted from The Star, 5 August 2009)

This is what happened to our politicians. There are more kiddy arguments rather than national issues debate. Undeniably, without these jokes, the proceedings will be boring.

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