Tuesday, June 8, 2010


YEAH…… At least, my final semester result has come out. I manage to graduate with first class. Finally, my nervous has gone after anxiously waiting for a few weeks. Thank God that I get A- for my thesis. Feel happy for that. Until now, still haven’t really got a job that I am really interested in. Either the job that I want hasn’t called me for interview or the job that I get doesn’t suit me perfectly. I am quite confident of getting a few jobs but those jobs either is not in the field that I want or the salary is below my expectation. Until this moment, I still haven’t totally confirmed whether I should continue with master degree or get a job.


  1. wahhh...congrats lau!! :D
    my suggestion is u should continue with master... :)
    good luck lau!!

  2. thank you. ya. i think i will continue with master too...