Monday, June 14, 2010


Long time didn’t blog about government policy already. Frankly, I don’t really dully understand what the plan is all about. I just get to slightly understand about it from newspapers, forums, internet etc. I am not really sure whether it is the same as 9th Malaysia Plan or not. The opposition keeps on harping that it is another version of 9th Malaysia Plan. The Government bench keeps on praising the plan. For me, I am alright with the plan theoretically. The main question that often arises in Malaysia’s politics is that; can this plan really be executed? Even in a forum named Editor’s Time (it is a very interesting forum provided you understand Mandarin), Tony Pua, a Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara did concede that the plan looks prefect. However, the implementation might have problems in terms of transparency and fairness. The issue of 30% equity for Bumi is another issue that often being questioned by non-Bumis. Frankly, I am alright with those special privileges. I never intended to question their special privileges. I feel they should have that due to our historical and geographical issues. For example in Perak, no matter how many non-Bumi ADUNs are in the government bench, the post of Menteri Besar must go to Malay. The post of Prime Minister must be held by Malay even though it is not written in our Constitution. I feel this is a kind of mutual understanding. We should not take things that belonged to others even though we have chance to do so. The same goes vice-versa. I am alright with the policy of enrolling 90% of Bumi students into MRSM. However, after this affirmative action has been taken, there should not be a second level of affirmative action anymore especially among MRSM students themselves. Other than the principle of fairness, the ideology behind open market should be learned and practised too since Malaysia is going into a global market competition.

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