Saturday, June 26, 2010


WAO… It is my 100th post. Not bad to have 3 digits of writings. Anyway, thanks to my junior and her friend for celebrating my birthday. They get number one this year. Hehe… First destination: surely is for FOOD. Hungry already!!! As usual, I don’t really like to choose. So let the two ladies choose it themselves. Hehe… After walking past a few shops, AT LAST, we chose FOOD & TEA HONG KONG RESTAURANT (欢喜地茶餐厅). The food there is quite nice and the price is reasonable as well. Unluckily, I forgot to take pictures of those foods. My lousy phone can’t take picture as well anyway. Sob… We ordered 3 different sets. Each set comprises of main meal, soup, drink and a dessert that I don’t know what to call in English. In Mandarin we call it Gui Lian Gao (龟莲膏). Can say it is a complete set. Like the package. After having our dinner, we proceed for some shopping. I used to accompany girls like my mom and sis in doing their shopping. Wouldn’t really feel that bored for such a short shopping trip. Hehe… Then we turned to our kiddie character. We went into games spot and playing the games there while 2 kids stare at us until the end of our games. Not sure whether they wanted to play the machine as well or they feel it is interesting to smack (just softly press actually. hehe) the buttons on the machine. I think should be the latter. It is an enjoyable and nice outing. Thanks YY aka SY…

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