Thursday, March 11, 2010


There are 2 more tournaments before I become ineligible to participate in debate as an undergraduate student. But I am not sure whether I am going for both UKM IV and UADC or not. So MDO might be one of my last tournaments. Teaming up with John and Qian Yi is a nice experience. We have the same thinking, the same “channel” and the same “head”. Most of the motions that we rank are similar. Furthermore, 3 of us are quite satisfied with the team line-up. I can count on John to give a good first speaker speech as he has flair and language. I can also count on Qian Yi to get her second point herself in the last minute just like what Darryl did. Furthermore, none of us can really dominate the whole team as each of us has our own speciality. I might know some topics that they don’t know and vice versa. It is like a complement team. Although we almost lost our hope to break when we knew that we lost in our silent round, however, surprisingly we are still able to break as 16th team. This means that we have to go against the 1st rank team, IIUM 1. Anyway, I think we did our octo-final reasonable well (I mean for our level and the opponent that we faced). Thanks to both my teammate for giving me such a memorable tournament and am very satisfy with the whole MDO that we had gone through. And also thanks to UKM contingent for the fun that we get together. In this tournament only I realise that we should pass the responsibility of getting DCA to Yit (hahaha..... only 8 people understand this). Yan is such a sarcastic person; Thiru can be so interesting in creating jokes (especially the helmet story). Not to mention Pau and Alex who I already know for about 2 years. Pau can really show relax and serious personality depends on the situation while Alex as usual, a calm senior. It is too long to read already I think. Better stop now. Lastly, GOODLUCK TO UKM ENGLISH DEBATE TEAM.

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