Saturday, March 20, 2010


Unexpectedly, I get an award from my college dinner, Anugerah Felo Kategori Akademik. When the emcee announced my name, I was eating watermelon. Quickly stop eating that and wipe my mouth. Proceed to the stage. I don’t know why, 1 of the buttons at my blazer can’t be buttoned up. Haha... I have only about 30 seconds to button up on the way to the stage. The TNC still recognised me. He did ask whether I am a MPP or not. Don’t really know how to answer that because he saw me during the MPP workshop. Long story to tell actually. So I can only tell him that I am not. That’s all. Back to my feeling, seriously, don’t know how to describe it. Even the excitement can’t be compared when I get dean’s list or best PNGK during my first year. Maybe because I am not that active in college level, so didn’t really put much hope on that although I sensed that I might get something that day before. Maybe because my involvement in UKM level’s activities, it does help me to get that award I think. Anyway, I can only say that my feeling during that time is surprise, unexpected, happy, proud etc.

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