Saturday, May 30, 2009


Poster war
(without a real challenger)

PKR candidate, Mansor Othman

Same sentence, spoken by 2 different persons will have 2 different impacts. I just realised about this when I went to a ceramah by PKR in the coming Penanti by-election. I still remember how Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim spoke this sentence (anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya, anak India pun anak saya) and it had a great impact towards its audience including me. Maybe this is because of his excellent rhetoric skill. But when this sentence was spoken by Mansor Othman, I didn’t get the “umph” factor. It seems to be an ordinary sentence to me. I managed to listen to YB Sivakumar (Perak DUN Speaker), Tian Chua (Batu MP), YB Chan Ming Kai (ADUN Simpang Pulai, Perak) and YB Phee Boon Poh (EXCO Pulau Pinang). Sivakumar and Tian Chua gave a good speech Phee gave a full Hokkien dialect speech. Chan’s speech is not bad as well considering he is still new in politics.

YB Phee Boon Poh

YB Sivakumar

YB Tian Chua

YB Chan Ming Kai
The scenario in this by-election is quite different. Without BN, there is no poster war and less competitive. It becomes more difficult too in getting to know the exact venue for ceramah. This by-election seems to be one sided. The most important thing for PKR is not winning the by-election, but increasing the majority tremendously to proof that people are still with Pakatan Rakyat.

Outgoing (right) with Incoming (left) Penanti Assemblyman and Penang Deputy Chief Minister I

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