Friday, July 9, 2010


At last, I have made the decision, continue with my master degree. Am not sure whether it is the best decision. But as in interview, they ask, “will you committed to this job’? My answer is, “I am still looking around for a few options. However, after I have confirmed to take in a particular job, I will commit myself fully to it and try to do as good as possible”. The same principle holds. Since I have enrolled in master degree, nothing much should I think about anymore. Focus fully in my study and hope that I can graduate within one year. If can’t, I also hope that at least I can graduate with first class again. But it is nice to know that at least I am able to secure a few jobs if I want to. Feel a bit not nice for rejecting all the jobs. But I am forced to as either those jobs are not in my interest or the salary doesn’t really satisfy me. Anyway, I still hope that I still have chance to cooperate with them in the future. Hope that they wouldn’t blacklist me. Hehe… Special thanks to The Star, Chief Minister’s office and SEDAR Institute for giving me a chance. All of them are very nice. It is a very valuable experience to have interview in CM’s office. Miss Yap is so nice. First time people ask “how are you” in an interview phoning. Feel very comfortable to deal with her (communications head for CM), Mr Wong (if I am not mistaken his name. He is a Press Secretary for CM) and also Miss Yin Fan. Very interested to work in UTAR as well but not as an administrator or temporary basis with only RM35 per day. Everything is over now. Focus on MASTER and that is it.


  1. haha... at last make ur own decision down...
    GOOD... ADD OIL !!! GAMBATEH !!! =)

  2. haha... at last u make ur own decision down...
    GOOD... ADD OIL !!! GAMBATEH !!!