Friday, July 23, 2010


The petrol price now is RM1.85. Another increase of 5 cents. The reason is that the government is unable to absorb the subsidy anymore. If these kinds of subsidies are going to go on, then Malaysia is going to face bankruptcy by 2019. Is it true? That is what the current government said. Assuming that a normal car, Proton Saga where the full tank is around 30 litter (RM54 from the previous price), a 5 cents increase only means another RM1.50 extra payment only. However, will the increase only means a RM1.50 increase? The biggest worry for the people is that the traders might increase the prices of the products as well. Will a bowl of noodles be increase or will inflation happen? I personally hope that the government is able to control inflation and make sure that people will only have to bear the burden of petrol increase, not more than that. That is why I dare to say that general election will not be as soon as this year, disagree with lots of people who think the next general election will be within this year.

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