Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Finally, I have come back to my hometown, Butterworth on Monday (yesterday). After completing all my examination papers, I continue to finish off my remaining thesis. Thank God that the deadline for my department to pass up thesis is on 5 May 2010. After that, I had some relaxation for a few days plus debate training before competing for the last time as an undergraduate debater in UKM Intervarsity Debating Tournament, followed by a presentation about UKM English Debate Team blue print. Then, I went to my master’s temple in Kampar. Spent a few days there and get to know a few more new friends; a Vietnamese monk (whom I already know since my last trip to Vietnam), a Cambodian monk and 2 more local permanent monks. All of them are quite nice. Can chat and joke around. Now, I need to think of my future. SHOULD I GET A JOB OR CONTINUE WITH MY STUDY IN MASTER DEGREE??? I am trying to do both at the same time by applying for jobs online. Hope that I can get a job that I am interested in with satisfactory salary or secure a scholarship or research assistant allowance to continue with my study. Either one will do. Just worry for the worst, can’t secure anyone of it. Then I really have to think about which path I should go for. Anyway, hope that Lord Buddha can enlighten me and show me some hint. AMITABHA…

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