Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tomorrow will be the do or die day for UKM debate team. PPP requested us to present a blue print to see whether we are a suitable partner for them in their effort to push forward for public speaking. It might be my last contribution for UKM debate family if I were not going to continue with master degree. As Darryl said before, we are so proud to see the development of UKM debate team. The number now is much bigger than the number that we have during my first year. We had recently able to organize a national level tournament. I do really enjoy the family kind of bonding within debate team. Frankly, I really feel a bit heavy –hearted to leave the team. Anyhow, a Chinese proverb said, there is no gathering that would not come to an end. I was really touched by the sentiment during our final team talk on Sunday.

I am not sure whether I was too dominated in some events in the debate team. Just like the presentation for tomorrow (I mean Monday, suppose to call it today). I am not sure whether I should still go for it or not. I am not sure whether I am over eager to do things for the team. It is not easy to call it a day. I still want to be in the team, whether as a debater, adjudicator, member etc. No wonder so many politicians refuse to step down. Now I understand their feeling.

Debate team took a lot of my first time. I hug a girl for the first time. I still remember that it was my first year Royals when we lost to IIUM in our semi final. For those who know me, I seldom have skin contact with girls. Debate family gives me warmness. Debate family caused me to almost cry (but I got my own way to control it. Haha…). I also give my first time in terms of sharing food with people to debate family. I remember I don’t mind to share Haagen-Dazs ice cream with others using the same spoon (which I seldom do it except for my family). I also like the filling of non-racial issues in UKM debate family. All of us can be together sincerely even though we come from different races. It is not easy to have this kind of relationship in other clubs. Our friendship will also not stop within the club. We used to gather together for non-debate stuff like movie, supper etc.



  1. Hey Lau, thanks for all the contribution and sacrifices you've given made for the team. Yup, finally we're seeing more juniors stay and eventually step up to take charge of the team's management. You definitely have done a great deal of hard work to form the team that we have today. Thank you :)

  2. no need to thank me. I am merely doing my responsibility for the team. Furthermore, I do like the feeling of seeing the team grow up and becoming better. hehe...

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