Sunday, November 14, 2010


It is wrong to say that Malaysia does not have excellent specialists. It is wrong to say that Malaysians are not talented. All these wrong perspectives are due to the reluctance of these creams of the cake to come back to Malaysia and serve the nation. In order to materialize our inspiration of Vision 2020, the government must stop this brain-drain. The question is how to attract them back? To solve this maze, we must foremost find out the reasons for them to serve other nations.

Obviously, most talented people find the salary and welfare benefits accorded to them by overseas institution are far more attractive. For this, the government needs to compete with other nations by providing them at least a satisfactory salary and welfare benefits if it is not more than what others can offer. As Aristotle portrayed, humans are interest-orientated. However, Malaysia has also had something that other nations do not have, which is identity roots. I believe as long as the salary is acceptable to their levels of talents, they will incline to come back to their motherlands. This might increase government’s expenditure, but it is worth. Imagine if anyone of them achieve an international recognition such as Nobel Prize under the name of Malaysia, it would be priceless then or at least they can help to push Malaysia’s development to a higher level.

Secondly, it is due to the future prospect of these talents. They might want to stay elsewhere due to the inability of the government to provide them a promising future such as in the field of medicine and technology. Government should use this opportunity by providing them their future prospect such as setting up research institution or centres needed by them. This is not a one-way benefit. Malaysia as a whole can get help from these Malaysia experts and lead those important and critical field but unpopular because of lacking of expertise. Thus, their talents would not be wasted.

However, prevention is still better than cure. It will be good if our education system can implant patriotism in their mindset. In a nutshell, making them to stay is better than attracting them back. However, if they have already been magnetised by other nations, then the government should demagnetise it and fly them back to their lovely motherland.

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