Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is the day I am looking forward after struggling so hard for 3 years. Feel happy to get to know that I won Book Prize for being the highest CGPA student in my course. On the other hand, feel quite upset because I did not manage to get any of the top 5 UKM awards for convocation and also fail to get the highest awards for my faculty. In a simple word, FAIL. Or maybe I should satisfy with what I get. Or maybe I put too high expectation on it. Even though I did get First Class for my Bachelor degree, however the feeling of being proud is not really there. We went up the stage just like any other people except for the little word “distinction” appear in the screen. I don’t think any sane people will notice about that. Didn’t manage to get Fellowship in my residential college. Didn’t manage to get tutorship in my course. Just get to be a part-time Research Assistant in Institute of Malaysia and International Studies (IKMAS). That is why I am trying so hard to get myself into DECTAR (main hall for convocation) again in 1 year. Without strong net-working, it is hard to survive in a bureaucratic world even though we have high merit. Hope that I can accept the fact and move forward.

(A bit lazy to upload convocation photos. Browse it in my facebook ya)

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  1. Ganbatte in continuing ur Master...
    It's another stage for u to achieve the BEST again !!!
    Even though just a part-time Research Assistant in IKMAS, it's better than nothing...start from there, learning from there & sure can get a lot of experience from there... =)
    Oops... talking too much d... haha...
    Anyway, Good Luck & All The Best ya !!! =)
    加油咯 !!! ^^