Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Just came back from UTHM yesterday night. Southern Cup was organized by UTHM from Friday till Monday. I thought of calling it an end in my debating career. However, it does not turn out to be what I hope to be. It might be one of my worst tournaments; winning only 1 out of 5 preliminaries. The only winning around is against a very junior team. Hope that I’ll still able to go to another tournament and achieve something there. Hope to retire with dignity and sweet memory.


  1. in life sometimes it is up...sometimes it down...so don't look only when it is at its bad moments n grieve over it...although i have never seen u in a debate but i believe u are a strong fighter n i fully support u...!! so don't give up n continue with it!!

    p/s: 1st time read ur blog!!^@^

  2. thanks yer. didnt expect u will read my blog. hehe........